AERIN Fall 2012 Collection

Aerin Lauder Collection 2012

A couple of weeks ago I received an invitation to discover the first collection by Aerin Lauder; the granddaughter of Estee; founder of the famous cosmetics empire.

As I stepped through the door of the suite at Claridges, I was told that I was stepping into ‘Aerin’s world’, and after finding out more about the range, I could see how this was true.

Relaxed and effortless yet feminine and polished, the collection was built with the busy, career woman/mother in mind.

Aerin Lauder Packaging

“I believe in the importance of beauty. With my own life as inspiration, I created a collection that makes beauty effortless, stylish and easy.”

Aerin Lauder, Founder and Creative Director, AERIN

You can tell from reading all of the literature about the collection that Aerin has very much designed the products for herself and women just like her. She knows that balancing children, a career and a home is difficult enough, without a complicated beauty regime on top; however there is still the desire to use luxurious products and to feel chic and on-trend.

The collection is split into two categories: ’The Essentials’, which are a constant part of the range and products that Aerin feels are everyday must-haves, and the ‘Colour Collection’ which are seasonally updated and feature a carefully curated palette of the key shades of the season.

A foundation that doubles as a concealer and a colour wash for both lips and cheeks are two of the clever products designed for saving time and packing space for the busy woman.

Despite their dual purposes, none of the products seem to compromise on effectiveness, which I think is a major USP for these products. The hand and body cream is enriching enough for both of its functions, yet isn’t too thick or greasy, which could have so easily been the case.

Aerin Weekend & Weekday palette

For Autumn/Winter, the colour collection consists of a ‘Weekday’ and ‘Weekend’ palette, each containing two eye shadow shades, blush and a highlighter in complimentary seasonal shades to suit the mood of your daily routine.

One of the things I love most about the collection is the packaging. Using my two favourite colours, pink and gold, the packaging is the epitome of elegance and style. The gold textured casing with simple ‘Aerin’ logo is very vintage-esque and would look perfect on any dresser, and the mini blush pink dust bags are just gorgeous.

Aerin Lauder Collection

Another thing I liked was the delicate scent of rose throughout the whole range. I’m not sure whether it’s because I’m getting older and liking the smell of rose more, but the fragrance is anything but the ‘granny’ tag that I used to associate with it.

I would highly recommend the range to any woman ‘on-the-go’ and think that there are many products from the collection that would make beautiful gifts.

You can purchase the Aerin range at Harrods or find out more at


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