Beauty Road Test: Neom Organics

Neom Organics was established in 2005 with the intention to bridge the gap in the market between organic products and luxury beauty, as previously the organic market had been looked upon as quite ‘mumsy’ and dated.

These days the brand thrives on customers looking for a stylish product yet using the finest quality of ingredients. The Neom products are favoured by beauty editor’s internationally, as well as a number of celebrities including Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Gwyneth Paltrow who are among their fans.

Having worked for a skincare company for a few years that prided itself on using essentials oils, I am an organic beauty fan and can definitely see the benefits of ingredients in there purest form.

As well as the calibre of the products themselves, the delicate 50’s style packing really compliments the brand ethos and makes any Neom product a perfect gift.

When I was offered the chance to road test a selection of their best selling products in a selection of fragrances I jumped at the opportunity and have shared below my thoughts:

Complete Bliss hand lotion – Moroccan Rose

Unlike many hand creams on the market, this product is not overly thick or greasy and absorbed into the skin almost instantly. Despite the light texture the vitamins A and E provide a lot of nourishment and my hands were left feeling smooth and hydrated.

The fragrance of this hand cream is a lot more subtle than the other products in the range and the pomegranate prevents the smell being a bit ‘old lady-ish’ as so many rose based products are.

Unwind body oil – Bergamot, French Lavender and Patchouli

Created to relax and calm, the ingredients in this body oil are blended together to produce a beautifully scented oil that isn’t too overpowering and helped distress my mood.

I found the oil absorbed into the skin quickly and without leaving it too greasy, although it left the skin with a gorgeous sheen.

Refresh body wash – Sicilian Lemon and Basil

This did exactly what it said on the packaging, with the citrus tones of the Sicilian lemon really refreshing and giving you a morning wake up. The consistency is slightly marmalade like as it is quite thick and extracts of lemon and basil are visible within the gel, however this gives the impression that it is almost homemade and leaves no doubt that the product actually contains pure ingredients.

Like all high quality natural products it doesn’t foam as there are no added detergents but I don’t feel that this matters with a body wash as the skin is still left feeling clean and fresh.

Calming 3 wick candle – English Lavender, Sweet Basil and Jasmine

Made from vegetable wax and pure essential oils, this candle burns for 55 hours although it felt like a lot more.

Due to the strength of the oils that create the fragrance, the smell is fairly potent even without burning, meaning that you don’t need to burn it for long to get the benefits.

I burnt the candle every night before bed to test its ‘Calming’ powers and I can honestly say that it worked; I found it easier to get to sleep and my sleep was less disturbed. Clearly this is an essential in aiding my much needed beauty sleep!

Neom products can be purchased at major department stores or online at

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