Spa Review: Anesis Spa, London

Last weekend my friend Helen and I headed off to the recently opened Anesis Spa in South London to experience one of their signature ‘fish pedicures’ that there has been so much buzz about from celebrities on twitter.

Fish pedicures themselves are not that new to the UK, however Anesis boasts of being London’s largest dedicated fish spa and I was keen to experience the treatment in plush surroundings, instead of the slightly unsavoury tourist version I had encountered early last year.

The spa itself is sparklingly new and very modern in design. Groups of high backed leather chairs sit above tanks of crystal clear water, each filled with finned therapists ready to carry out the day’s treatments, whilst large plasma televisions playing music videos providing some light entertainment.

If you haven’t heard of this treatment before, it involves small Garra Rufa fish nibbling away at your dead skin cells to provide a natural form of exfoliation. The fish originate from Turkish waters and leave new cells untouched, therefore this treatment has been recommended for people with skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

After being welcomed we were taken over to our tanks and our therapists explained the ‘ Deluxe Piscean Pedicure’ and cleansed our feet to ensure that there were no traces of moisturisers etc. that would contaminate the water. Post foot cleanse we rolled up our trouser legs and gently dipped out feet into the water, which to my relief was warm!

The fish then set to work and gathered in large clusters around several areas of my feet. The sensation is unusual although not unpleasant; a little like pins and needles but I became oblivious to the feeling as soon as we were presented with a glass of champagne to enjoy whilst the fish did their work.

After around 30 minutes we were collected and escorted over to a lounge area with two large comfy sofas and a selection of nail colour samples to choose from. After selecting my bold red shade we were treated to a relaxing foot massage, which highlighted how smooth are feet now were.

Finally my nails were filed and treated to a splash of OPI varnish, leaving my feet baby smooth and sandal-ready.

My treatment at Anesis was a fantastic experience and a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon with a friend. The staff were extremely friendly and great at putting first timers at ease. The smart surroundings are luxe without being pretentious and the atmosphere is informal and relaxed; overall I would highly recommend.

The Deluxe Piscean Pedicure costs £50 at Anesis, London. Visit the spa’s website for more details.

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