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Creme de la Mer Collection Review

To coincide with the launch of their new ‘Moisturizing Soft Cream’, I was lucky enough to be invited to experience a Crème de la Mer facial on counter at John Lewis, Oxford Circus.  I have to admit I was sceptical about being able to enjoy such an indulgent treat whilst reclining in a chair in one of London’s busiest beauty halls, however from the moment I put on the specially designed headphones and made my selection of ocean sounds, my fears were gone and my relaxation began.

Around 45 minutes later, I emerged with the best skin I have probably ever had in my life; it was plump, smooth and the glow was undeniable….I was stopped by a complete stranger on the street to compliment me on my skin, which I think is testament alone, however I even took a detour on my way home to attend a glamorous launch party – something I would never dream of doing without make up previously.

I knew instantly from that experience that I needed to find out more about the range and give the products a trial at home as part of my everyday skincare regime.

Creme de la Mer review

The foundation of most Crème de la Mer products is the ‘Miracle Broth’, which was created when a physicist who had been severely burned in a laboratory accident, set about formulating a product from sea kelp, which he believed to have miracle regenerating properties. Twelve years and six thousand experiments later and this ‘miracle broth’ was born and part of the first La Mer product which helped to rejuvenate his skin and became a phenomenon in anti-ageing skincare the world over.

My new routine began with the application of Crème de la Mer Cleansing Lotion, which is a light emulsion that should be applied morning and evening for best results. I found the liquid very easy to apply and it seemed to do a good job in removing make-up and cleaning my skin as it always felt fresh afterwards, however I felt this made my skin feel a little bit sensitive after a couple of weeks. Having read through a number of reviews online I can’t see that there are many people who have experienced the same thing, so I definitely would not rule out using it again and rinsing with water eased the sensitivity slightly.

Unfortunately the Crème de la Mer Tonic was the one product that didn’t agree with my skin type. After a few applications my skin was very sensitive and became a little red and flaky. Again I looked this up online and couldn’t find anyone with a similar experience and there seems to be many fans who love this product, so whilst this was not right for me and my slightly erratic skin type, I would definitely give this a try if you want the full Crème de la Mer experience.

Creme de la Mer Soft Cream

Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream is the latest product to be introduced to the range and has, without a doubt been my favourite product in a long while. This moisturiser has all of the properties of the legendary original product, however the formulation is a lot lighter meaning that it doesn’t have to be worked into the skin as much and is also more suited to applying make-up over. The texture is a little gel like and absorbed into my skin almost immediately. About three weeks in to my new routine I noticed a much smoother complexion and the signs of dehydration I have been noticing on my forehead had virtually disappeared. Despite the sensitivity of my skin and its tendency to break out with new products, this it did neither, suggesting it is good for all skin types

The final element of my new skincare regime was the Crème de la Mer Eye balm Intense and the one product I was most excited about trying. Having recently just turned thirty anti- ageing products are at the forefront of my mind and this product felt like heaven when it was applied during the facial.

As soon as you apply the product to the eye area there is an instant soothing effect which helps to reduce puffiness after a few hours. Luckily I do not have any lines to correct yet, however there is definitely a smoother and more illuminated appearance to my under eye area which can often be a little tired.

Creme de la Mer Eye Balm

Overall I was extremely impressed with the Crème de la Mer range and I have definitely found some personal skincare heroes in there, namely in the Soft Cream and Eye Balm which have yielded some fantastic results throughout my trial.

Hitting the big three – zero has definitely made me more conscious of my skin and preventing the signs of ageing, so I will definitely be following an anti-ageing regime moving forward. The soft cream is absolutely perfect for younger skin types as it is so light but has all of the powers of hydration of the richer, original cream.

The amazing effect that was achieved during my facial has certainly given me a taste to start using more products from the collection, with the Crème de la Mer Radiant Serum and body products next on my wish list.

The Crème de la Mer facial at John Lewis costs £50 and is redeemable against product purchased on the day. For availability, contact the Creme de la Mer counter at John Lewis, Oxford Street – 020 3073 0646.

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  • Vannie Crow Ruggiero

    I’m most likely going to buy the Creme De Le Mer Soft Cream.I tried a small sample and it blew away the ones I have tried previously. The eye products are certainly a huge temptation since I will be twenty-nine in June. I think your post just convinced me to cave. 🙂