The Summer Hair Edit

In the second part of my Summer Beauty Series, I share my favourite products for taming tresses when temperatures rise.

For anyone that has seen the episode of Friends when Monica goes to Barbados, you will get an idea of my hair dilemma during the sunnier months.
Like most beauty conundrums during the summer, the key to success is hydration, and taming the mane is no exception.
Luxury Summer Hair PicksA moisturising shampoo and conditioner are essential all year round, but for the summer these are crucial. My current favourites are Oribe for Moisture & Control which leave my hair feeling like silk after each wash.

When it’s not the occasion or you don’t have the weather to let your hair dry naturally, the new Dyson Supersonic hairdryer is the ultimate tool for healthy coiffed hair, and has become an indispensable part of my routine. Incorporating the high tech features of a Dyson product, this revolutionary dryer manages the temperature of the air to ensure that it doesn’t overheat and damage your hair, thus removing the shine. It is also more powerful than most on the market and dries my hair in super quick time, both with the precision nozzle and the diffuser, which is my go to in the summer.

OUAI is one of the most exciting brands to launch in the UK for a long time, and I have already fallen in love with the range. The Wave Spray gives the best beachy texture without the crunch usually associated with the sprays containing salt. Spritz on damp hair and scrunch for easy holiday hair or use to create texture before tonging for a more polished finish.

Another summer favourite from OUAI is the Finishing Crème, which gives an effortless finale to your hair, whatever the style. The cream adds much- needed moisturisation to the ends of your locks and can help achieve that glossy piecey finish much envied by me all year round.Best Hair Products for SummerLetting the hair generate its own moisture is also important and I have been guilty of over-washing in the past. Dry Shampoo has been my saviour in overcoming this and Show Beauty’s version is the best I’ve found. It adds volume to my fine hair and absorbs oil without being white and chalky, great as the base for day 2 or 3 styling.

Luxury Hair PicksA drop of Show’s Pure Treatment Oil on towel dried hair has also become an essential part of my blow drying regime. The product is a rich elixir that nourishes and rejuvenates without making the hair greasy or limp. I also use as a serum on dry hair and to tame flyaways

A final tip and must-have in my beauty bag are non-snag hair bands. These coil based bands from Hershesons grip the hair tightly enough to create a high pony but don’t have the rough edges that break and damage the hair. Great for holidays and for those days you want to give your hair a break from heat styling.

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