What’s In My Handbag & Win an iPad Mini

What's in My Handbag - AutumnThe change in seasons is a great time to embrace change in your everyday life, and from a new winter coat to a switch in seasonal scent, I firmly believe in the saying ‘Out with the old and in with the new’ – well that’s my excuse anyway!

As I love to catch a glimpse inside other people’s handbags, I thought I would give you the opportunity to look inside mine, which has had a recent autumn overhaul and has allowed me to discover some great new products to see me through the colder months ahead. There is also the chance to win one of my favourite recent additions too…….

Inside my bag Autumn1)       My new bag for the Winter season is the Jimmy Choo Ally bag which is a lot smaller and lighter than my previous tote. It is great for the impending party season where I can tuck the straps inside and use as an oversized clutch and the zip detailing gives it attitude.

2)       To match my downsized bag, I have had to downscale my gadgets and my new iPad Mini is the perfect companion. I’ve had the standard Ipad for several years now which has become an everyday essential at home, but now this baby sister can come with me wherever I go effortlessly. Scroll to the end to see how you can win your own as I have one to give away….

3)       To keep my iPad safe and stylish on the daily commute I tuck inside this Stella McCartney iPad case. Just like Stella’s signature Falabella handbag, this super luxe case is finished with the trademark chain detail and is in my favourite colour for autumn.

4)       I’ve written about these Carrera by Jimmy Choo sunglasses before and despite one of my pet peeves being people wearing sunglasses in unnecessary weather or , *gasp* indoors, I think these are the ideal style for a chilly morning walk when the sun is breaking through.

5)       An exception of my seasonal rule of change is my classic monogram Louis Vuitton diary. Seven years later it still looks perennially stylish and induces envious looks whenever I pull the gold edged pages out to check my schedule.

6)       I am a huge fan of luxury stationary and there is no one that does this better than Smythson. They also make gorgeous leather goods and I had to get this handy zip purse as it is sophisticated yet practical and in my favoured autumn tone.

7)       First impressions are the most important, so I carry my business cards in this cute leather holder, also by Smythson. It is ideal to carry my oyster card too and the bold colour means it is easily found in the bottom of my bag.

My Autumn Make-Up BagI love updating my beauty regime each season and my portable make-up bag is no exception.

8)       My summer holiday seems a long time ago and my skin is getting paler by the day. To prolong that summer glow in a subtle way I have switched my usual powder to Chanel Les Beiges, which is extremely natural and adds a hint of colour for a healthier look.

9)       I wrote about my love for Jo Malone’s ‘Nectarine Blossom & Honey’ fragrance a while ago and I have just switched to the heavier, slightly more masculine ‘Blackberry & Bay’ scent. It lasts all day on my skin and conjures up memories of blackberry picking as a child, which is another fond autumn memory of mine, so is the perfect seasonal scent and in the ideal handbag size.

10)    Tom Ford ‘Willfull’ lipstick is the one constant in my bag as a red lip is the easiest way to look ‘done’ whatever the climate. I love this colour as it is from the shine range, so is a little more laid back than a classic matte red and doesn’t dry in the cold weather.

Win an Ipad MiniI want to give you the opportunity to own a nifty iPad Mini just like mine, so I’m giving one away to a lucky reader. To be in with a chance of winning, simply leave me a comment below telling me what is your Autumn handbag essential before midnight on Sunday 24th November 2013 and I will pick my favourite answer – the more creative the better!

 Follow me on Twitter or Instagram and post your answer with the hashtag #LuxeWin for an extra entry. Good Luck!

*The winner will be contacted through their method of entry (Comment, tweet, Instagram) within 28 days of competition close and will have 7 days to claim their prize.

*The prize is as stated (iPad Mini Wifi) : no cash alternatives are available.

*This competition is open to UK entrants only. 

*By participating in this competition you are deemed to accept these terms and conditions.

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  • Kelly Yarbrough

    My autumn handbag essential is lip balm.

  • Claire Reed

    My Autumn essential is a classic – Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. Perfect for dry lips, dry skin and even for smoothing down my wild eyebrows! 🙂

    Claire x

  • #Whatislife

    I simply believe in having a great hand lotion, with a scent of avocado. Heard it gives you ah-mazingly smooth skin.

  • SkinnyLynne

    my autumn handbag essential is a small back of wet wipes……the amount of times they have saved the day in a sticky situation!

  • Chris Sparey

    Emergency plane tickets to somewhere warm!

  • charlotte batkins

    Elf moisturising lip tint Cherry. A lovely lip balm which also gives my lips a bit of Autumn colour. Its amazing. x

  • Devymaster Martin

    A discreet pair of Arco Essential ear protectors for when the nagging gets too bad ….

  • Lula Belle

    My winter handbag essential is my Clinique Chubby stick moisture balm in chubby cherry – it keeps my lips silky smooth and a luscious winter red colour

  • Ashanti Jason

    My handbag essential has to be my phone somehow my life evolves around this mini screen that has become my personal assistant that holds my diary and there for me to make me laugh (YouTube vids) & the tool to make my life look more exciting through instagram filters.

  • Eugenie Skinner

    Antibacterial hand wipes to stop my toddler spreading germs to my lovely leather handbag!

  • Rosie d I have these sneaky little handwarmers- are perfect when I am more than 10 chilly fingers away from a Starbucks!

  • carolinedavison

    Nivea Lipbalm, my lips are always so dry this time of year (CAROLINE PRITCHARD)

  • Tracey Peach

    Lip Balm my lips are the first casualty of Autumn/Winter

  • Amelia Kennedy

    My No. 7 concealer stick – can’t live without it!

  • Kat Lucas

    Has to be lip balm to keep dry lips at bay

  • claire s

    my make up compact – flawless skin is my priority!

  • Dorothea Sally Botha

    Hand cream, lip balm and tissues. you gotta have these

  • Jason Lowe

    Lip Balm!

  • Caroline Clarke

    My Autumn handbag essential is my chapstick because I need it so my lips don’t resemble Jim Caviezel in Passion of the Christ! Winter wind kills my soft lips.

  • Pauly Alisa

    Nivea vanilla lip balm, garnier hand cream, wipes, tissues, bottle of water defo to keep your body in level and of course small umbrella in case of the rain.

  • Carrie Louise Talbot-Ashby

    Handerpants!!!! Ohh they are too cool!!!! Heres the link to em!

    HAD to get some, cracked my 4 kids up, well….embarrassed the hell out of my son lol but hey! What are mummies for eh??? HANDERPANTS TO THE RESCUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! lol. They are a must have!
    Great blog, and fantastic giveaway! I have dreamed of owning one of these! Sadly my dosh goes on Princess nappies! lol 🙂

  • Hannah

    Tic Tacs & Anti Bac Gel 😀

  • Carrie Louise Talbot-Ashby

    Ps following you as @Carriecakes80 🙂 Ty & Happy Humpy-Day! lol

  • Caroline Grant

    A cherry chapstick just like Katy Perry ( puckers )

  • Julie Feathers

    it has to be my lip balm, I never go out without it

  • Julia

    A Small fold-up umberella

  • Fiona

    So very un-luxe but my Autumn essential would have to be doggy poo bags (though granted other forms of plastic bag would do – we have dogs!) which serve a multitude of purposes from collecting those leaves/conkers/acorns for livening up autumn walks and crafty fun when you get home to keeping hold of half-eaten apple cores/muddy footwear! Practical to the end… sigh!

  • Louisa Slater

    Lip balm, without a doubt!

  • Michelle Mse Mccole

    My essential bag product Mac Lipstick Private Party the perfect plum colour for autumn over Burts Bee’s Lipbalm

    Also tweeted on twitter @shelldanielle 🙂
    Thanks for a great comp x

  • Christine Northrop

    my handbag essential is something practical – a pack of tissues with aloe vera

  • she


  • Stacey Hill

    mine is going to be baby wipes as im due a baby in 2 weeks time i wish i had a ipad mini too keep my long nights busy 🙂

  • maci234


  • Laura Harris

    Gloves! I was once told off (severely!) by a beauty therapist who said I should wear gloves more often as the cold dries and ages the hands terribly (at which point she pulled a glove off one of her hands and made me stroke her *incredibly* soft, incredibly un-aged hands) since then I have always worn gloves as soon as it gets chilly!

  • Bitty Toffee

    A pair of fingerless mittons from Jennifer Anderton – they’re excellent!

  • anncarline


  • Lou Hufford

    lip balm – i couldn’t be without!!!! 🙂

  • Denise Davies

    Pen and paper you always need them

  • John Rutland

    my st christipher to keep me safe

  • Stuart Edwards

    lip balm for my sore lip

  • Sarah Price-Jones

    My antique 1930’s rabbits foot brooch, never leave the house without it! Weird I know 🙂

  • Naomi Howells

    A portable Tweber Leaf Press to preserve all those amazingly beautiful autumn leaves!

  • Richard Whillock

    A camera for all the gorgeous leafy shots!

  • fiona howard

    My long hand painted silk scarf. Perfect for adding a flash of colours on a grey day, or for wrapping around my neck to keep the chill out. When one of my hot flushes starts(prone to these at the mo !!) I can quickly sweep the scarf up from my neck to tie up my long hair off n my neck and prevent me literally blowing my top! Could also be used as hankie, but haven’t needed to do that yet!!

  • lucky321

    my brush, all this windy weather turns me into the wild woman of borneo !

  • stoolballgirl

    my lipsalve – take it with me everywhere – stops lips looking scaly and chapped and helps prevents coldsores!

  • AliThorpe

    Jurlique Rose Love Balm. I use it all year round but it is extra handy at this time of the year, when my skin and lips are complaining (as am I) about the weather getting colder, the drying effects of central heating etc. It smells fab too, takes up no space and is also rather handy for a quick dab if I’m going to pucker up! xxx

    • The Luxe Life


  • Dutchas

    Got to be lipbalm 🙂 – nothing worse than chapped lip 🙁

  • michellelintern

    lip balm and money

  • Clare F Wood

    lip balm

  • Jean rudram


  • alisha barrett

    my samsung s3 mini. im constantly checking its in my bag lol i also have to have a tin of rose vaslinw. im obsessed. i have 3 tins lol

  • Emma Blessing

    It’s got to be free perfume samples! Perfectly sized to fit in to any bag. Keeps you smelling delicious all day long. My fav is Coco Chanel Mademoiselle – nothing better!

  • Phil Darling

    My Autumn handbag essential is…. my wife, to hold it for me

  • kw

    It would have to be a small umbrella with the weather we’ve been having recently!

  • indyjes

    I would say my little bottle of Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist is my Autumnal VBF (Very Best Friend), we are inseparable! My poor face starts to look and feel a little sallow & tight after confronting the drying Autumn winds and nip in the air on a daily basis, so it’s nice to refresh my skin with a quick ‘squirt’ to rehydrate & liven it back up. It’s like a mini facial in a single spritz!… Not sure how it’ll cope with winter yet though as I’m not sure of its face thawing out capabilities! lol 🙂

  • Heidi Brown

    Gloves and lip balm!!

  • 26jibby

    Lip Balm and tissues

  • Myf

    Amazing giveaway! My handbag essential for autumn is hand cream; I absolutely love the shea butter cream by L’Occitane!

  • bigglesbj1

    My camera for all the special moments.

  • Margaret Dunlop

    lip balm & gloves

  • Lilian Hall

    A really good lipbalm to protect my lips against the cold weather.

  • Shirley batey

    My partners hard earned cash for plenty of Xmas gifts!!!!!!!

  • Wendy Brown

    iphone (which has a dongle thing with a terribly small lip gloss attached)

  • paul

    in my Man bag / handbag is always a pencil and paper so i never forget any ideas i might get

  • Judith Lightfoot

    Tissues & lip balm

  • emilyomara

    A lovely plum coloured lipstick!

  • Cris Curran

    I have to have lip gloss!

  • Paula Barker

    A tin of lip balm

  • Mandy Rawlinson

    Have to have lip balm!

  • ashrid


  • Kelly Koya

    gloves, and some moisteriser. The win really dries my face out.

  • Jessica Leek

    My daughters xmas list to Santa 🙂

  • LynneH

    My phone – and my brand new iPad mini (if I’m lucky enough to win!)

  • traceyandtim


  • Mary Kezzie

    my mobile phone

  • Catty Mse

    My black leather gloves -perfect for chilling hands, especially when I’m driving.

  • Sarah Gardiner

    Its my ipod, it provides me with music, video and all my treasured photos.

  • zray7

    Plain old 3 ply tissues as according to my partner I am a mucky pup! I don’t know why but as I get older I keep spilling things or when its a particularly delicious cake making quite a mess of my face 🙂

  • David Vessey

    My girlfriend reliably informs me its her mobile!

  • jodi hill

    Mine is concealer, need it more than my phone 🙂

  • bossladysal

    my purse – gotta have money!!

  • Zsolt Nagy

    Fishman’s Friends menthol candy 🙂

  • Lisa Bassline


  • Ane S

    My purse! Always need cash for that impulsive purchase! Love that iPad case btw!

  • Sara B

    well, i’d like it to be an ipad mini in the near future (!) but for now it’s a pair of sunglasses to help me cope with the low autumn/winter sun plus some Prestat dark chocolate to help me cope when the sun isn’t shining!

  • Helen Cameron

    Keys which have the smallest swiss army torch keyring, now its dark when I get home I don’t spend ages fumbling around on the doorstep.

  • Sara Blackstock

    My bag is like the black hole! Diaries, perfume, deoderant, pens, wageslips, purse, phone, the list goes on and on!

  • Harriet Powell

    My Autumn handbag essential is my polka dot umbrella! It can get especially drizzly here in the UK in the autumn, so a girl has to be prepared! Hope you have yours too 🙂

  • David Munro

    My diary, my money, my phone, my keys…and lots of old receipts!

  • chrriss88

    My passport, I collect parcels from the post office nearly every day and I don’t have a photo on my driving licence (due to my old age LOL) the post office worker recognises me and yet checks my passport everyday incase I’ve grown two heads!

  • Kelly Martin

    My one autumn handbag essential is my camera : catch a fallen leaf, opportunities for awesome skies as the sun sets, stunning blue skies. You never know when you are going to capture that perfect golden landscape.

  • Danielle Maycox

    Lip Balm! Couldn’t be without it at this time of year!

  • maureen kelly

    I would bring rain mac, tissues, spare money in case of emergency, perfume
    in case I met someone I fancied, Nivea cream keep my skin moisturised

  • Jenny Moore

    My autumn essential is lip balm, to help deal with the drying winds.


    my carmex lip balm l would be lost without it in this weather saves my lips every winter

  • Carla Liamell Morris

    I love a good gossip magazine. For those awkward moments on the train when the odd stranger comes to sit by me…it’s my shield 🙂

  • Iona Cornish

    Vaseline Intensive Hand Cream

  • Makila

    I’ve gotta be honest…i don’t have a handbag essential because i don’t carry a handbag unless absolutely necessary…i have a tendency to put it down and then forget it!! its safer (and less expensive) not to carry one…although if i had an ipad mini in it it would give me a reason to remember. lol.

  • Hayley Wakenshaw

    Completely unmissable is my Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm. Not only does it keep my lips soft and chap-free, but gives them a subtle rosy sheen, to tempt the other sort of chaps. 😉

  • simon oakley

    I would like an ipad mini to put in my wifes handbag

  • Karen Chaloner

    It has to be a book – I hate to be caught out with time on my hands and nothing to read.

  • Guest

    Body Shop lip balm 🙂

  • Anita

    carmex lip balm for me, very high quality and effective.

  • Vicky

    Another vote for lipbalm – essential in the cold winter months

  • vicky

    Gloves- I can’t stand freezing hands!

  • Kerry

    My autumn essential is Lanolips ointment to prevent chapped lips. I also use it on dry cuticles. I wouldn’t be without it.

  • debbie1957uk

    a plastic bag to pick up the poo,for when my dog goes to the loo,

  • Debbie Birchall

    Blistex lip salve for me as I always get chapped lips in the colder months :o)

  • Johannah Elspeth Nunn

    My Autumn handbag essential is the Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid. It really does work wonders for dry lips.

  • MrsNoah

    To keep Autumn winds at bay,
    I don’t leave home without hair spray,
    And to curb the effects of Autumn showers,
    Best to have umbrella power!

  • Julia Spencer

    has to be vaseline to protect me from chapped lips

  • Shannon Dee


    Brolly is very important in the autumn month. And
    you will be spoilt for choice if you are looking for new micro mini ones to fit
    your bag this year as there are so many gorgeous, lovely ones on the high
    street- from our favourite designers like Lulu Guinness, to Radley and Cath Kidston. There are so many designs available in the
    shops to choose from. You can go wild with prints; be it spots, daises, teapots
    or tartan.

    Hand Warmers

    The reusable ones are of
    course friendly to the environment and to your pocket too. You simply
    reactivate them by boiling in a saucepan- simple. However, if you don’t fancy
    having to go through that then we highly recommend the Mr Men shake
    to activate hand warmers.


    True handbag essential, regardless of the
    season. You really won’t be sorry for stocking a packet of handy tissues in
    your bag but don’t think you have to stick to boring white- why not go creative
    and let your inner fashionista out.

    LED Torch

    No more fumbling for the
    keyhole on the door of your car or your home, keeping you stuck out in the cold
    and the rain, and it’s even useful clipped to the top of your bag so you can
    illuminate the contents, because we all know, no matter how well organised our
    bags are, whatever we want/need always hides out of sight.

    Notebook or
    Tablet PC

    Use it to note down any little
    hints that people may drop any special offers you see in store and when it
    comes to buying the gifts you will have a plan all lay out.

    Lip Balm

    If you are in and out of the
    elements then make sure your lips don’t suffer the extremes by keeping them moist
    and lovely.


    Having a mini hairbrush in
    your bag is key to keeping your style in the autumnal blustery moment.

    Flu Relief

    As much as we try and avoid
    it most of us end up with at least a sniffle of a cold and what with swine flu
    lurking in the background, stopping symptoms as soon as they arrive can help
    limit the effects quicker. And there are plenty of products on the market that
    all claim to kill the flu virus dead but the best thing you can do is simple

  • Fran Conley

    Spare pair of tights in case they ladder!

  • Mark Milsom

    Condoms !…never leave home without them !!

  • richard sober

    does it count that i don’t actually carry a handbag but i always borrow my partners lip salve from hers

  • Asif Baig

    Great prize by Jimmy Choo

  • Gemmacrossley

    I always have baby wipes in my handbag!

  • chris morgan

    a step ladder , you never know when you might need it !!!

  • Sara Goodman

    My gorgeous umbrella adorned with a beautiful map of London. Almost too nice to use, but I need to – it’s London 😉 x

  • Lana Husam

    Hand cream, papers

  • Jo welsh

    Lip balm is a must

  • glitterbaby40

    My inhaler! The change in weather plays havoc with my asthma!

  • Anna M

    Deodorant, lip balm, hand cream, mirror, chewing gum, hair bands, headphones, wallet, pen and paper, phone charger, mini hand sanitizer, sunglasses, mini make-up bag- eye shadow, concealer, mascara, mini brush, tissue, tampons and dummy for my son (just in case!)

  • Rosalind Sargent

    Lip Balm and tissues

  • Linda Hobbis

    My credit card. To buy all those lovely beauty advent calendars followed by a strong coffee and a pastry to assuage my guilt!

  • Suzanne Gentle

    Anusol. I swear it is a miracle for your face. My essential handbag item. Dab it under your eyes and it tightens the skin there and gets rid of bags. Also anywhere on face. Models swear by it and so do i. It really really works.

  • Rachel

    BB cream for my skin to be moisturised and youthful dewy look! luscious smelling lip balms to take away the grim winter weather ..and chunky jumpers to keep me warm!

  • Helen Lloyd

    Let’s peer inside my autumnal bag, and see what we can find?.
    A dotty white brolly, a pack a mac frolly and a brush to make my hair kind.
    I’m sure I see a pack of tissues, as we all know a cold’s on it’s way.
    And there’s the extra strong, super fast beechams, to keep the sniffles at bay.
    The lipstick shades of ‘hot pink’, has now been changed to ‘plum’,
    and there’s my handbag sized miniture of my favourite ‘Yves Saint Lauren’.
    My summer shades are a thing of a past, out they come, and in goes the gloves.
    Thank heaven’s above for Mulberry, those cashmere lined quilt leathered loves!
    My mobile phone, is always fully charged, incase I get stuck in a jam.
    Now the weather is dark, there’s nowhere to park, and I get a puncture, Damn!
    Now, us ladies I believe, we all know it’s true. It’s become that time of year,
    when the days get colder, the nights get longer, let’s get out the denier!
    There’s a pack of 40 denier tights, put in for an emergency matter,
    as we all know it’s when, we’re on that important first date, that we tend to find a ladder!
    So as you can see, my autumnal bag, is full to the brim with all stuff,
    If I get in a pickle, or have any trouble, it really won’t be tough.
    I’m fully packed, with all the goods, to prepare for any old ‘sitch,
    This year i’m sure, I’m all prepared, for autumn to go without a hitch!

  • Leanne V Mckenna

    Nivea lip balm to protect my lips from the cold!

  • Val Seal

    scissors – just EVERYONE borrows them!

  • Guest

    My Autumn Handbag essential is without a doubt a silk scarf , perfect for keeping me warm on a chilly day and I also double it up as a hairband if I get caught in the rain .

  • Karen Christmas

    I have a camera so that I can capture those special moments as my children grow each day , kicking up Autumn leaves , splashing in puddles and sipping hot chocolate . I never get good photos on my phone, I blame the photographer but my tiny camera captures the smiles, tears , wonder and amazement and helps us remember each special day . @Swimstar2000

  • anneka hulse

    My Autumn handbag essential has to be my carmex lip balm to stop my lips getting chapped in the colder weather

  • Susie Clayton

    My Autumn handbag essential is my Neutrogena hand cream. It’s the only thing that works to keep my hands soft over the winter.

  • Donna Parkin

    goto be a packet of tissues and some plasters you can count on it someone will ask for either one

  • Name

    tissues ..for muddy hands and snotty noses 🙂 toddler not mine !

  • Helen Battle

    My Autumn handbag essentials are definitely lip balm and tissues

  • Tanja

    A compact umbrella

  • Kerry Dobson

    My autumn handbag essential is Bare Minerals Brilliance Collection so that I could transform my look from work to wow with the flick of a make up brush!

  • Suzanne Drummond

    my autumn essential is my lip gloss

  • kathycakebread

    got to be my lipstick

  • Monika

    A hand cream and extra pair of socks for my baby daughter x

  • Cat Whittall

    Brrrr Autumn is well and truly on the way and that means only one thing….,my autumnal handbag now contains my gorgeous warm snuggly gloves, that are usually attached to my daughters used tissues and sticky toffee wrappers….and topped off with my kitty’s malting fur coat (which is white and therefore adds a touch of something special to my black gloves!)

  • Carolynn Woodland

    Growing my hair now, so hair brush and hairspray are a must

  • Angelique Ralph

    mobile phone,hand cream lipgloss and sweets

  • Vakhida

    my autumn handbag essenials are purse, lip balm, hand sanitiser, mobile phone, bus ticket and some tissues, in case I get a cold and as a result a runny nose..:(

  • AngieCupcake Reviews

    My Autumn handbag essential has to be Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream from T K Maxx. It carries a soft scent but really brightens up the morning and keeps my hands soft throughout the days

  • Rosalind Blight

    It has to be my lipbalm, i get the driest lips in the cold so lip balm is essential

  • Guest

    Just enough cash for a sneaky Galaxy Ripple on the way hoe from work!

  • Stephen Gibbon

    Just enough cash for a sneaky Galaxy Ripple on the way home from work!

  • Anne Graham

    My autumn essential would have to be good old Vaseline for lips and dry cuticles. I know it’s not very glamorous but I probably have about 3 tins of the stuff at the bottom of my bag at all times!

  • Keira Dempsey

    A torch and umbrella for those dark rainy days

  • Caroline Blaza

    Tissues, torch, lip balm and sunglasses. Never leave home without sunglasses!!

  • Tony Worth

    Nothing as I don’t have one, but there is a “chap” stick in my “man” bag!

  • Jess Mandeville

    Lip balm and gloves!

  • Linda Horsburgh

    Bonfire toffee! xx

  • Mad Wuman

    Tissues and cough sweets lol 😀

  • Amanda Richardson

    A really good handcream and tissues

  • Joanne Dawkins

    Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream!

  • Lucy Jayne Martin

    DKNY Women original perfume is my essential item and a mini umbrella x

  • katie b

    Ahhh, autumn…the leaves are turning shades of russet and golds, the smell of bonfires is in the air, the hedgerows are laden with rose hips and it’s the time of year that I like to always carry an H1N1 influenza mask to minimize potential exposure to respiratory pathogens.You just never know who you’ll be inescapably wedged up against on those long rides home on overcrowded commuter trains.

  • Hajnalka Salter

    gloves, umbrella and I have always got my orange lipgloss just to remind me how nicer is the summer when is warm and sunny

  • Debbie Gillespie

    Gloves as my hands get really cold

  • Stephen Ballard


  • Lucy Pasifull

    Clinique superbalm to keep my lips in tip top condition

  • Caroline H

    Cowshed Lippy Cow Natural Lip Balm – got to keep those lips in good condition for the mistletoe season!

  • Cheeta

    My must have is a ‘magic’ little bottle of face mist. As it’s autumn the temperatures have started to drop (I’ve already scraped ice off my windshield 3 times!), the radiators have gone on at work and I’m popping the heater on in the car. This means skin getting dry very easily and I find the ‘stale’ heat can take it’s toll after a long shift in the office. So that’s where my bottle of Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist comes to the rescue! It’s alcohol free (so kind to skin) and can be used under and over makeup. It’s an amazing moisturiser and I find it offers a great little ‘pick me up’ during the day which I think could also be credited to that delicious orange blossom scent. There’s lots of good mists & spritzers out there on the market but this one is my favourites (it’s a little bit of luxury but it goes a long way) and will be a staple in my bag this Autumn.

  • arthur

    good facial moisturiser

  • kevin creasey

    good moisturizer, lip balm and a packet of tissues.

  • Jazz

    My handbag essentials are a shoulder, a hand, and a bag – I can rock anything so long as I have those three 🙂

  • Jeanette Horner

    Balmi Lip Balm in Raspberry

  • Nicola Hogan

    Easy peel satsumas – love them!

  • Katy Millward

    my knitting needles and wool!

  • Claire Fraser

    my Kindle – I can’t go anywhere without access to something to read.

  • sue seaman

    lip balm is my autumn essential to avoid dry lips

  • jayneytravels

    What a great competition – loved seeing inside your glamourous handbag! My autumn winter essential would have to a lip balm to stave off chapped lips. I’m currently carrying around two – for extra protection. One is a Lucas Paw Paw balm I picked up on a recent trip to Australia – it’s thick enough to protect against the UK winter. The other is a Maybelline Baby Lips because I love the way it tastes!

  • Edward J

    +As a busy parent I don’t always get time to eat regularly so I keep a sachet of instant porrage in my handbag to warm me up and keep me going on these wet and windy days

  • Loma Wood

    Elbow length black leather gloves. I hate the cold and they give a zing to any outfit!

  • roley martin

    As a man, I don’t have a handbag, but if I was my missus and I did have one, then I would keep a photo of me in it, to remind myself of just how lucky I am 🙂 lol

  • laura stewart

    Has to be tissues and lip balm

  • Louise Payne

    I have a conker and a hazelnut from visiting the park with my kids.

  • angiehoggett

    Strangely enough I keep a selection of earrings because I always seem to forget to put them on in a morning along with cuticle oil which I dot on during the day in the hope of getting amazing nails!

  • perry

    A small packet of tissues, essential on so many levels…

  • Louise Asekokhai

    A stick of lip balm, autumn wind plays havoc with my lips!

  • karmaperle

    First Defence Protective Hand Foam. So many screens and buttons you have to touch now staying germ free is most important

  • Chris Davies

    Vaseline, my lips get so chapped in the cold!

  • Hazel Christopher

    Toothbrush and toothpaste. I’m obsessive about cleaning my teeth after a meal 🙂

  • Emma

    Some hotties! Not the male kind 😉 but little mini heat packs. Keep your hands warm inside a pair of stylish gloves 😉 x

  • Victoria M

    Some Doggy Poo Bags for those little accidents with the pooch.

  • Sandra Martin

    When my nose becomes a issue,
    In my bag I have a tissue,
    It really isnt fun,
    When my nose begins to run,
    I always have one or two,
    In case the doggy does a poo,
    Tissuse are really very handy,
    Better than carying mints or candy,
    Always keep some when its autumn,
    You might just be greatfull that you bought em!!

  • jandoc

    gloves and a hat

  • treboreuk

    definitately has to be some lip balm to keep my lips soft in the windy autumn

  • Hannah Bee Griffin

    Cherry lip balm is my autumn handbag essential

  • Farrah Ryan

    Sunglasses! Essential when driving/walking on those bright crystal clear days although its still freezing outside.

  • Gemma Mills

    A compact camera for capturing those fleeting perfect autumn moments; the stunning colours of the trees, freshly fallen autumn leaves, crisp first frosts and vivid sunsets

  • Laura Oxley


  • Sarah Elliott

    I always have to have a hat in my handbag. You take ages to do your hair and then when you leave, all it takes is a bit of moisture in the air or a very blowy day to ruin all your hard work. A hat ensures you can still look stylish while being able to hide your bad hair underneath 🙂

  • Carrie Brown

    I have 2 autumn handbag essentials that go with me every where; handcream and lipbalm, for the two areas of my body that seem to suffer most through this season if I dont protect them regularly through the day. A girls got to keep areas soft and kissable!

  • Patricia Porter

    My leather gloves as they don’t take up too much room.

  • Natalie White

    Has to be my lipbalm

  • DKevino

    Tissues, I guess.

  • Jen Samuel

    My must have item is a lovely girly pink lipgloss

  • Mandy Tait

    a map of the moon, to study during a very boring date

  • karen hutchinson

    I would love to be able to say lots of designer gear but unfortunately not! A purse falling apart from all the coins in it – mostly coppers. A half eaten lipstick, several old tissues, several moshi monsters for keeping my 3 year old occupied, baby wipes, a couple of unclaimed scratch cards and my old Nokia phone that is so dated my friend thought it was one I used for my son as a toy !! Not sure who was more embarrassed !

  • Charlotte

    Gloves, I can’t cope without them during winter…and of course I keep forgetting to put them in bag grr

  • Amanda J

    My essential bit of handbag kit is a small box of Asprin – for all the usual aches, pains and winter ills it is invaluable. However, as it might also help someone suffering a heart attack and in need of assistance, perhaps we should all have a couple of tablets in our handbags somewhere?

  • Joe Dee Phoenix

    Nivea Q10 handcream. my hands always feel dry this time of year.

  • Joss Chamberlain

    my favourite autumn handbag essential would be the gorgeous chesnut conkers I find in my bag which my son picks up on our walks through the woods!

  • Gillian Holmes

    Hand Cream

  • sarah diane rees

    Anti bac hand gel

  • Haydee Bell

    Boring I know but Carmex lip balm – can’t do without it now it has got colder 🙂

  • Julie H

    Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream – keeps my lips moist and healthy when battling autumnal weather and heating systems!

  • maggie

    lip salve for wintery days and combat central heating

  • Cathy

    An oldie but goodie – Vaseline in a handy little round tin. A true multi-tasker.

  • James

    hair bush in this rough wind

  • Katherine Thompson

    Microwaveable hand warmers! I always heat them up whilst I eat my breakfast and they’re ready throughout the day. They’re so much more practical than gloves – who can be dealing with the inability to use a touch screen or fix your hair in the wind with those thick woolly menaces on your hand?! Plus, mine are in the shape of some groovy knickers, which guarantees a laugh out of anyone who sees me with my hot pants in my hand!

  • Anj Chelvaraj

    My st Christopher chain which I always carry in my handbag

  • Laura Pritchard

    Lip balm to protect my lips.

  • Zoe Roxby

    My hand and nail cream. The cold months can be harsh on my skin so this time every year I put a tube of hand cream into my bag

  • Rebecca Flynn

    unfortunately its poop bags for my 3 dogs!

  • Judy Kennedy

    A packet of tissues

  • Rebecca Hanson

    Lip balm because I need it more when it’s coming up to winter

  • Honey

    A bar of snickers to battle low blood sugar

  • Bridget Anderson

    Tissues, hand cream, tissues, lip balm, oh and tissues.

  • Drena Harrison

    Wet wipes, essential when you have children!

  • Kelly

    My little pop up hairbrush- small, convenient, and hair doesn’t end up all over my handbag. And I have something to brush my hair with.


    Tissues & a pencil!

  • Dianna Newman

    Hand sanitizer!! SO many people are coughing and sneezing everywhere so I always take this everywhere and use it after touching things like trolleys or door handles.

    Other than that, my camera. You never know when you will see something cool or random!

  • isobelleforde

    I keep the rather worn European train ticket in mine from a spontaneous weekend trip abroad this year. I made peace with a friend I’d not seen for over two decades there, as a reminder on the dark morning commute to work to always think “outside the box” that Autumn is all about renewing, letting go and allowing new good things in.

  • Harley Richardson

    Some berts bees lip balm, really remoistures well in this drying weather x

  • Hilda Hazel Wright

    Handy packs of tissues, can’t leave home without them! Always sniffly going from hot shops to chilly outdoors! Without them I’d not be able to concentrate on the shopping!

  • Comping Cavemum


  • nicola hardman

    has to be a lip balm

  • shea wong

    It’s terribly dangerous considering a possible spill, but I can’t go anywhere without my vintage Waterman fountain pen (of course filled with Serenity Blue Waterman ink). There is nothing worse than having to jot down a note or add info to the back of a business card using a ratty old ballpoint. With my Waterman, writing is once again a pleasure, even on the go.


    Lip balm for kisses under the mistletoe!

  • jeanbolsover

    A sachet of salt, because I might need that extra bit on my food

  • Christy Beckett

    Lip balm to help my lips when the cod weather hits x

  • Elaine Dale

    an ipad lol

  • ktmorgan3

    Red lipstick to put the colour back in my face!

  • Aj

    A little indulgent but a sachet of hot chocolate! I don’t like tea or coffee and surprising how many places I go and need a warm up yet they only have tea or coffee!!!

  • Caroline Elmhirst

    Lipsticks, glosses and make-up galore,
    My oversized bag’s full of brands I adore!
    I can’t always find the things that I need,
    But having a good rummage is pleasure indeed.

    On a cold autumn day battling the weather,
    I like to know I’m prepared for whatever.
    Cashmere scarf for the cold and a brolly for rain,
    My trusty Ray-Bans in case the sun shines again.

    But the one thing I prize above all the rest,
    Is my little iPod and it’s amazing songfest,
    Whenever I have a moment to spare,
    A blast of rock transports me elsewhere.

    A little piece of home playing in my ear,
    And my goals for the day all become clear,
    So this clever device packed full of song,
    Is my autumn essential to help me along!

  • Ellie

    Tissues! I daren’t go anywhere without them. Also my inhaler, damp weather is not good for asthmatics. Apart from that there is always a lip balm, a pen, and my dinky little ultra compact camera for those candid shots.

  • cat Holdcroft

    My one Autumn essential is my stylish classic pair of Mulberry black leather gloves

  • Katie Wright

    Lipstick, always brightens a dull day (and a dull face :0)

  • jane orford

    a doggie treat for my puppy

  • bluebird002

    benefit lipstick

  • Katy C Johnston

    Has to be a moisturising, protecting lip balm 🙂

  • John Lynch

    A small altoids tin with painkillers, antacid, moisturiser and a styptic pencil. Never leaves my bag

  • Tina J Grant

    my lucky bingo dabber!

  • angela hedley

    As a mammy of 3 boys ,my Autumn bag needs to be quite big-
    and once up on a time, in it there’d be a lighters and a cig.
    But I tell my 3 guys, nothing’s impossible if you want it enough,
    So I ‘d to practice what I preach, stop and to be tough!
    Armed with patches and chewing gum,
    I told Mr Lambert an’ Butler to kiss by bum!
    For 18 months, I ‘ve been free-
    escaped the Nicotine trap you see.
    So, bum wipes, lip gloss a phone and a conker or two,
    a book, a teddy and a bit of goo
    but now, in my bag there is a little space,
    for this Ipad, that would be just ace! <3

    • angela hedley

      following on facebook x

  • Rea Gentile

    My favorite autumn handbag essential has definitely got to be my fuchsia forever superstay 14hr lipstick by maybelline as the colour is great during this season!!

  • Laura Jayne Bates

    got to be lip balm

  • hellcat366


  • Victoria Cunniff

    My new purchase of Michael Kors leather gloves, although it might not quite be cold enough for gloves just yet I love feeling the soft leather whenever I dip into my handbag!

  • Ria Poliquin

    50 shades of grey 🙂

  • Rachel McMillan


  • Lucia

    My handbag essential are my sheepskin gloves. They are so soft on the inside and amazingly warm!
    Lucia xx

  • Louise Smith

    Lip Balm

  • Tamsin Dean

    My inhaler, phone and my lucky bee key chain (which is huge and takes so much space and is called fred, but love that bee).

  • Christine Macleod

    Almonds for energy and cold sore cream for the unwanted coldsore suddenly appearing!!!

  • ✰★ღ Kayleigh ✰★ღ

    It has got to be lip salve for my autumnal chapped lips!

  • Kristina S

    My YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in the colour in Pourpre Carmin- its a dark purple/berry colour- perfect for autumn!

  • Ellese Launer

    Can I just say I would love to have everything in your purse! Oh my gosh, I am at awe of the beauty. Unfort I live in the US so I am not valid for the contest. But my fav, fall accessory is my Henri Bendel compact mirror. best! ellese,

  • Jenny

    My Autumn handbag essential is a hand-made fan made by my God son at activity group… keeps the hot flushes at bay!

  • Emma Carvell

    My ultimate autumn handbag essential is definitely hand cream – the cold weather gives me dry skin!

  • victoria leedham

    Lip balm !

  • Laura Cuddy

    Vaseline Pink Bubbly Lip Therapy…a little bit of luxury!

  • Emma Dora Louise Thackery

    cherry lipsyl

  • Jacqui Anne Brett

    Has to be carrier bags ( to put inside my boots if it rains!) : )

  • m15pjr

    Car keys … for a quick escape.

  • Tommy

    Tissues to dry my glasses after its rained


    lip balm

  • Lauren B

    lip balm!

  • jaeby

    benetint by benefit,this is a do all product for me gives rosy cheeks stains lips slick of vaseline on and its a gloss

  • Lucy L Richards

    Lipstick (nude) from Mac
    Umbrella – that London rain is back!
    Xtra underwear – Agent Provocateur.
    Earings and necklace – just in case.
    Laboutin heels – leave no doubt.
    In anticipation of night out.
    Foundation from Chanel.
    Estee Lauder Mystique aswell!

  • jayne

    definitely has to be nivea lip balm with this cold weather my lips take a battering

  • Emily

    clarins hand and nail treatment cream – as it gets cold my hands need extra help and this really works!

  • jotarpley

    My front door key so I can always let myself in from the cold!!

  • Annabel Greaves

    I always like to take balsam tissues everywhere with me – you can get so mucky in the Autumn – particularly with the kids picking up and storing acorns and leaves in their pockets and hats all the time!!!!

  • Rachael Walton

    Elizabeth Arden 8 hour beauty balm is my essential!

  • Gwyneth Metcalf

    Lip Salve & and Hemp hand moisturiser.

  • Steve D

    My Ipad

  • truely_random

    Lip balm, cold Autumn days leave my lips dry so lip balm keeps them kissable soft 😀

  • valerie myburgh

    lip balm

  • kim neville

    E45 cream

  • Guest

    My fall must-have is hand cream….my skin dries out horribly in the fall/winter so at any given time you can find 3-4 lotions or creams in my bag!


    Call me weird, most people do, but I always have a spare poo-bag, unused, in my bag. They’re quite well made and water-tight so apart from the obvious they have a range of uses!

  • TraceyP

    head ache stick

  • jayne hall


  • Tam payne

    Lip Balm

  • Carly

    My Ipad Mini

  • Debbie Anne Hume

    I actually carry a thermal vest just incase I get too cold. xxx

  • Hilary Greenleaf

    Well I don’t carry any designer stuff or things intended to create an impression! Autumn means colds and flu and lots of snotty folk ready to infect you, sooo I carry a small spray of isopropol alcohol and spray hands and mouth/nose area regularly to kill off bugs – it really works

  • Kellie Collister

    I always carry a battery powered multi charger – I got stuck on a train in the snow for hours one winter and my phone died so I couldn’t phone home or listen to music and I never want a repeat of that!

    You’re very lucky to have such a chic array of goodies in your handbag, I especially love the colour of your business card holder ♥

  • MrsMTampsett

    I carry a camera in my handbag so that I can capture all the wonderful colours and sights of Autumn as I travel around. I think that Autumn is the best season for photography outside as it’s so full of surprises.

  • Rebecca Mercer

    Lip balm and my gloves

  • Andrew Cakebread

    Tissues, 2 smartphones (never have enough communication) and a far too many keys sometimes hnad cream if my hands are dry

  • Em S

    My almond oil moisturising hand cream, it’s a life saver when the weather turns colder

  • Brian Chapman

    Lip balm. Can’t use enough of it.

  • Lucy Lucciano

    Tampons for those little emergencies! Although now I have them in a separate zip up bag in my handbag because of the most embarassing situation I had at the supermarket. I was at the checkout and went to pull out my wallet and a tampon that had been knocking about in my bag for goodness knows how long, flew out onto the cashier desk, it was so old the paper had all torn off. I was SO embarrassed but quickly grabbed it, shoved it back in my bag, paid for my shopping and scurried out the store!

  • Hannah Young

    Severed hands, what else would one put in a “handbag”

  • Lucie1979

    Lipbalm and sanitary towels! Boring but practical lol

  • Chris

    My Kindle (if bag is a nice roomy one). If not, it is synced to my smartphone. I cannot bear to be anywhere without something to read. If I have to wait anywhere, it is there for me. In the hairdressers, doctors, traffic queue, I have a lovely read at the touch of a button. Priceless.

  • Louise Hawkins

    My handbag essential is a tote bag/plastic bag, for all that autumn foraging you may stumble across!! Chestnuts, mushrooms etc etc 🙂

  • Sue Davidson

    My diary! My memory is useless, so have to carry it with me and it’s a BIG diary! So a lovely iPad Mini would be perfect!

  • Jane Sands

    Here is a list of essentials I need,
    A book or magazine for something to read.
    An umbrella ideal for the rain,
    And medication to help ease my pain.
    If I was lucky enough to win,
    An iPad Mini that’s light and thin.
    It would be added to my bag with pride,
    And the smile on my face would be very wide!

  • June Gaynor

    Emergency chocolate. You never know when the weather is going to take a turn for the worse at this time of year!

  • Chris Turner

    A camera to capture the autumn colours and a packet of tissues for my red nose!

  • karenbrady

    My iphone and lip balm

  • Rachel Edney

    Gloves and a hairbrush

  • Linda King

    A ‘mini’ bottle of water, the skin needs to stay hydrated too, especially on those blustery Autumn days

  • Pam Mehroke

    The one essential in my handbag every Autumn,
    that I always check to see I haven’t forgotten,
    is my pair of thermal gloves, so snuggly and warm,
    for my tiresome cold hand problem I suffer from.
    Handling things with numb fingers can be a right pain,
    runaway coins, misdialled numbers or buttoning up again.
    Also, I try to avoid shaking hands at all costs,
    as my icy grip’s like holding hands with Jack Frost.
    This rotten affliction even comes between husband and wife,
    when instead of a warm caress, he gets an icy shock of his life.
    But truly I’m not disheartened by my seasonal woes,
    as cold hands mean warm heart as the old saying goes.

  • Maralyn Smith

    I always have hand gel in my bag in Winter ( as well as summer) because there are so many cold and flu germs about. You only have to touch a door handle to pick up something nasty! Just one little drop on your hands kills the bacteria and helps to keep those nasty germs away!

  • Debbie Davies

    Definatly a pack of tissues for runny noses (mine and the kids) also i always have some lip salve coz my lips get so dry in the cols weather.

  • Nyasha Mtutu

    Lip balm without a doubt…The colder weather is so harsh on my lips! It makes them so dry and chapped 🙁

  • chris nichol

    babywipes……for the kids.

  • Louise Nicole Hutchings

    As the nights draw in and there’s a nip about,
    My lips will get dry and chapped of that I have no doubt.
    So I always have my favourite Burts Bee’s lip balm on me,
    To make my lips soft, silky and kissable as can be.
    It’s my handbag essential, My autumn best friend,
    Such a handy item, For a very small spend!


  • nicola bull

    always carry my lipstick to moisturise my lips for these up and coming cold months

  • Angela Kelly

    A good hand cream is essential.

  • Chelsea

    A spare pair of pants because, you never know!!

  • Kate Duckmanton

    A portable potty for my newly toilet trained son!

  • anthonygerrard

    Some baby wipes are always handy!

  • Teresa Sheldon

    an umbrella as I’m always being caught out in the rain

  • Polly Bastow

    I feel the cold so I have a pair of gloves and a woolly hat in my handbag!

  • Jade

    Lip balm of any kind is a must for me, my lips react so badly to the weather that they need soothing all the time! An absolute must 🙂

  • jeniferjamie

    I love looking in peoples handbags too – although yours is far more organised than mine! I usually have sweet wrappers, loose change, old receipts and all sorts burried at the bottom of mine! My No1 handbag essential for this time of year is a brolly! Living in raining London you never when you’re gonna get caught in a downpour!

    Jen xx

  • Rachel Sollis

    My autumn handbag essential is my diary as with christmas fast approaching theres always lots of invites for christmas parties,shopping,get togethers etc.Thanks for the awesome chance of winning an ipad mini-neat!

  • Clare Kendrick

    My hands get really dry at this time of year so i always have a pot of Viva la Diva Skinny Dip hand and nail cream in my bag for a moisture surge when needed.

  • Sharon Wormald

    The one handbag essential i have in my bag at this time of year is my credit card!Essential for when im out and see that funny or special gift for someone….and to buy much needed coffee!! 🙂

  • Nadia Taylor

    In Autumn I always have conkers in my bag. I love autumn and it’s rich colours – one day I’ll pluck up the courage to take a gorgeous shiny conker to my hair dresser and ask them to colour my hair that beautiful reddish brown. Till then I’ll always have a few conkers in my bag, just in case.

  • Erin Main

    my chapstick! nothing worse than dry lips

  • Joe Lorena

    Autumn handbag essential: a hat in case it gets cold

  • Alison Gardner

    Everything in my bag is essential, whatever the season! My bag is not just a bag! It’s an apartment for all my precious belongings! My lipstick chills out on a sofa of pocket tissues,watching youtube on my smartphone, while my mascara takes a bath in my bottle of Evian.My keys check my diary to see what I’m up to, while my foundation plays dress up with my gloves.Their apartment is starting to get cramped, so could do with a new property!?

  • Patricia Edwards

    My handcream, as my hands suffer from the cold so I like to keep them smooth

  • Emma Franklin

    Vaseline…especially in this chilly weather

  • Angela Campbell

    Carmex lipbalm. My lips are my best asset. I’d like to keep them like that.

  • sally johnston

    would have to be a cream I can use on my hands and my face and lips x

  • Ann Robinson

    It has to be lip balm now its turned colder, my lips get dry really quickly

  • Catherine A Bell

    A small tub off vaseline

  • Nickles83

    Charmed lip balm its a lifesaver

  • samanthacoles

    My handbag essential in the autumn is definitely blister plasters! Putting the flip flops away means one thing – winter boots that normally rub!

  • Aaliyah ~ {Pyari Beauty ♥}

    My handbag essential would definitely have to be mini hand warmers. They’re easy to carry in your handbag and a lifesaver when your hands are freezing and gloves just aren’t cutting it!

  • Kim Styles

    My Autumn handbag essential is a old drawstring makeup bag filled with tissues lipbalm handcream etc. It works well all year but usually much fuller from Autumn onwards

  • Sophie Griffiths

    Have you ever needed a tissue,
    When a spill or blob was an issue?
    When you notice your lipstick has smudged,
    And then rubbing it just won’t budge?
    I know it’s not very exciting,
    But a spot can be terribly frightening.
    When you’ve nothing to squeeze that pimple,
    When a tissue can make the job simple.
    And what if you then go to sneeze?
    And all you can find is your keys.
    A tissue is great you can’t quibble,
    It can immediately sort out kid’s dribble.
    And what if you shed a tear,
    With tissues you have no fear.
    Of risking those panda eyes!
    So a tissue is so terribly wise.
    So I keep them always so near,
    They’re simple but awfully dear.
    And when all is said and done,
    Tissues can always be fun.
    I’ve never myself gone this far,
    But you can use them to pad out your bra!
    So this is why they’re my essential,
    And I may be a little bit mental.
    But in my bag there they sit,
    Between myphone, my keys and my shit!

  • kristin

    A little tin of Vaseline

  • dionne robinson

    My handbag essential is a beautiful wine coloured lipstick, always got to be looking your best and on trend!

  • bingophil

    It has to be lip balm now its turned colder, my lips get dry really quickly,and that is the first thing i need

  • Katherine M Penny

    With the cold winds in autumn, my handbag essential would be my mini tub of vasaline, for my hands and lips.

  • Marilyn Greenwood

    My Autumn essential has to be a telescopic umbrella – you NEVER know what the weather is going to do in this wonderful country of ours!

  • Maria Bergquist

    The same as all year round – my Waterman fountain pen, which my parents gave me after exams and which still looks every bit as elegant as it did six years ago!

  • Victoria Easton

    I need my lip balm for lips, which is one of my tips.

  • Sonia Russell

    Lip Balm! Definately! I think I have one in each of my bags 🙂

  • Claudia Palacios

    L’Occitane hand cream in Jasmine passion, no one likes dry hands!

  • Lisa Barker

    Carmex lip balm for those frosty winter mornings!

  • Emma Nixon

    When you are out xmas shopping you always need your small pack of tissues, to wipe your face after having the emergency hot choccie and cake (a must have mid shop break)!!!!

  • Hayley

    My little tin of vaseline!

  • Yu

    I’ve recently switched out my fresh fragrances for the limited edition Thierry Mugler Alien EDP with added caramel. They had a Christmas line a few years ago with it, it’s so long lasting and a cozy warm scent – it’s perfect. Oh and a Celine handkerchief so I can pretend I’m graceful when I’m snotting all over it..

    I love your post, your taste is impeccable! That’s also a good point about first impressions being important and business cards. I might need to invest in a proper cardholder, I had a nightmare finding one in my Filofax the other day, it took embarrassingly long! Thanks for hosting this too, very generous of you!

  • P Wendy Clayton

    packs of tissues, for wiping running noses and eyes

  • Chi Chid

    Handbag Essetial: Anti-bacterial wet wipes! To protect myself from cold viruses after I’ve touched door handles, public transportation etc

  • Lyndsay S Spencer

    Vaseline for lips – to stop sore lips on the cold windy days

  • Jacqueline Roberts

    Baby lips Cherry me instant colour moisture and tastes and smells great ready for some pucker action.

  • Ruth Harwood

    My winter essential is Dove Night Hand Cream – it’s thicker and kinder to my hands than any other hand cream I know of

  • Nisha Bansal

    Hand sanetizer! Always grossed out by the sheer amount of germs, more so in Autumn when people will less likely to be as hygienic as they may in the summer (due to sweating from the hot weather)

  • Helena Clark

    my lip balm

  • Lauren Pilkington

    a mirror so i can see what the wind has done to my hair

  • Emma Falvi

    hand cream

  • Laura Brooks

    My bank card because if I don’t have it how I am possibly going to buy all the makeup I love xx

  • Liz G Smith

    I take my ipad with me everywhere but its a bit big and cumbersome, all though it keeps the kids happy on the bus etc, its defo a must have (and a mini brolly)

  • Azra Dedic

    My handbag essential is vaseline, too many times have chapped lips ruined my vibe! haha

  • Katie Holderness

    Here’s my handbag essential, as demonstrated by my little wooden friend! 🙂 (also tweeted this ….made a vine)

  • beverley keenan

    My Costa Card and my ebook reader as on a cold winters day nothing better than a hot steamy book to take me away from all the hustle and the bustle and trials of the day, with a large hot cappucino in hand.

  • Mike Gerrie

    My Chap stick and a wooly hat just in case it gets cold

  • Bobbie Minthull

    A pair of gloves

  • Susana Herraiz

    Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)
    V ersatile with so many reasons, a handbag must for Autumn Seasons,
    A ids healing of tattoos and gives a shine to your shoes,
    S tops sticking bottle lids, good for grazed knee’s on the kids,
    E asing off stuck rings and moisturising cold dry skin,
    L ip gloss and chapped lips and those annoying stuck zips,
    I nstant door squeak stopper, helps with split ends good and proper,
    N ever leave home without it, there can be no doubt about it,
    E xcellent as you’ve seen. An Autumn handbag must, It’s Vaseline.

  • Nina Motylinski-Davies

    Currently this Autumn my essential handbag item is the very unglamorous Gaviscon, thanks to being 35 weeks pregnant!But when I’m not shlepping that around, I can get by with a fabulous perfume,completely essential for lifting ones mood with a spritz,lip balm and a cosy beanie hat,instant style edge over a bobble anyday! Colder weather is never an excuse to not be fabulous!

  • Michaela Atkins

    lip gloss nothing worse then dry lips from wind and cold

  • greig spencer


  • Amy Rich

    Just one ‘handbag essential’? You must think I’m mental.
    For me, there’s concealer and lip balm aplenty,
    Plus gloves and a hat, and an old school-style hankie.
    For son number one who takes after his mum,
    There’s a three-wheeled car and a manky old blanky.
    My handbag is suffering
    From a severe over-stuffing…
    But if I can only choose one of these handbag essentials
    I’ll stick with my hankie and ditch my credentials.

  • kgarde

    Lip balm- its an absolute essential!!

  • Diane Radford

    It has to be a lip balm.

  • Fraggle85

    My Autumn handbag essential has got to be the new essie nail varnishes! Belugaria sparkle range and the obsessive mirror metallics. Check out my fav, ‘Nothing Else Metals’ – Lavendar meets liquid mercury! Woah!

  • katie

    My autumn handbag essential is my Bare Minerals tinted primer. Although I use it under my make-up in the morning, I can apply it throughout the day to add a bit of colour, too. Love it!

  • shirlz51

    my Autumn handbag essential is Lip Balm

  • Carleanne O’Donoghue

    My autumn winter essential is my tube of porefessional benefit primer. It makes my face so smooth and keeps my skin looking fresh and hydrated. A dab under the eye at lunchtime keeps me from looking tired!

  • hannah-xo

    Oh my goodness, you are going to have a lot of comments to go through.
    My Autumn essential is my Raspberry Finsbury Filofax. I can’t leave the house without it. I jot down shopping lists, blog ideas, random ideas. Organise my crazy uni/work life. Carry cards. If I lost it I would be distraught. I would love an iPad so I can edit photos on the run!

  • anne_model

    My essential handbag item, Benefit Porefessional primer. You can dab it on over make up to freshen up. Contains vit E so great to give skin a lift. Makes you feel great no matter how manic your day!

  • Natalie Crossan

    Lip balm for the cold winter months 🙂 xx

  • Liz G Smith

    i never go anywhere without my lumix camera im constantly taking pics and autumn is an amazing time for colours and textures ! and of course my trusty mini umbrella x

  • Natalia

    lip balm

  • Andrew Halliwell

    My autumn handbag essential is not having a handbag.
    I’m a bloke, I have pockets.

  • chirag

    lip balm

  • Jude Dysart

    Tissues with balm!! I always seem to have a sniffle at the wrong time!

  • Sophie Abell

    Gotta be lip balm – to stop my lips from cracking. Preferably one with a slight tint so I still add a bit of colour 🙂

  • Hayley

    In mine is my lucky penny, its one of them squashed ones i got made in Blackpool, thats been stamped with a Blackpool logo on. It’s essential because i play bingo a lot!!

  • Denise Walker

    my hubby bought me some creme de la mar lip balm and it lasts YEARS and is amazing and makes my lips so smooth – i always have gloves in my bag to

  • Arabella Bazley

    It has to be an enormous pair of sunglasses and a neon pink folding umbrella with TAXI! emblazoned in big bold flashing (thanks to attached battery pack) lights. During any downpour my ensemble would be protected and the umbrella with it’s gaudy appearance would catch the eye of the curious taxi driver, summoning him to my side in the hope of picking up some breast enlargements, whilst the enormous sunglasses would conceal the fact that I could not even be a Z-List Celeb. 🙂 @UtterlyBumpty

  • Reb Lacy

    Elizabeth Arden – 8 hour cream

  • Lucy Stanistreet

    My Autumn handbag essential is a simple and cheap one but when the bad weather hits it is a MUST HAVE… Vaseline. I suffer from terrible weather change lips.. slightest bit of cold and i’m a crackle lipped mess! Not pretty .. this wonder pot fits in every handbag and stops my lips from being as flaky as Phoebe in Friends! lol 🙂

  • Buffy Rabbitts

    Autumn is a season with such changeable weather- I find I go everywhere with my trusty silk scarf! I wear it for warmth in the cold, cover my otherwise unmanageable hair in the rain or wind (a bit retro, but necessity calls!) or just tie it to the outside of my bag in the warm to give it a little something extra and different! It’s perfect 🙂

  • Sarah Renton

    My Autumn handbag essential is plastic, about seven inches long and makes me smile every time I turn it on – it’s my daughters magic wand! She got it on our summer holiday and every time I see it I get taken away from these cold autumn days to hot summer ones!

  • Cecelia Allen

    My umbrella, I have a nifty side zip pocket where I can slide it in. It is absolutely essential when I am forever waiting for buses.

  • angie

    I make all my friends laugh with my handbag essential. Its my purple wooly hat which I never go anywhere without. It takes ages to get my hair straight, so instead of having to carry an umbrella around with me all night, my wooly hat fits neatly into my little night time going out bag. Then as soon as it rains I just pop it on to keep my curls at bay!

  • Bexy Boo

    heartburn tablets – preggers lol

  • Michael Scoates

    I have to have my keys with me at all times. Not just for practical purposes, it’s just the comforting thought that when the temperature starts dropping, leaves start flying everywhere and the cold dark nights begin to close in I’m reminded I’ve always a home and loved ones to return to.

  • Carol Wilson

    my autumn essentials for my handbag would be hairbrush because i am always windswept, and lip balm to keep my lips from drying out, an umbrella because you never know when your gonna need it, and of course chocolate because the weather is too cold for it to melt in there 🙂

  • Caroline Kelly

    A notepad and pen for my xmas list, would be much easier if I had an ipad to write it on 😉

  • Lucy Johnson

    Definately my Lipcote – so I can keep my lipstick on all day !

  • Lucy Johnson

    Ps Followed your excellent blog on Facebook.

  • Claire Toplis

    It has to be lip balm there is nothing worse than if you have chapped lips !

  • Claire Toplis

    I have tweeted as @needaphone

  • Mary Graham

    My Credit Card! With it I can get whatever else I need.

  • janesteels

    My essentials are hairbrush, purse mobile phone and house keys.

  • Ceris Williams

    My autumn/winter handbag essential is a multi tasking balm for skin, hands and lips such as Liz Earl Superbalm

  • zoe

    lip balm to protect my lips from the cold wintry weather!

  • Paula Lane

    lipbalm and tissues

  • Sue Hocking

    I never leave the house without a hairbrush in my bag, with the wind we’ve been having its a must have.

  • Nicola Aldridge

    Handcream, my hands get really dry in the cold and i have to have a really good hand cream to rub on there at a moments notice 🙂

  • Julie

    I always have dog treats in my handbag, to reward my assistance dog when he has completed a task for me

  • Lyndsey b

    For me, it has to be Body Shop Lip Butter… necessary all year round but so essential right now. Super essential product!

  • dragonfly63

    As well as the usual essentials I carry a mini tool kit, mini first aid kit and a small sewing kit – I frequently get accused of being a boy scout!

  • Andrea Plumpton

    my autumnal handbag essential is definitely my lip balm …. the cold and wind = flaky unkissable lips without it 😉

  • Amanda Williams

    Lip balm, goes everywhere with me summer or winter.

  • Alana Fulton

    My autumn handbag essential is Nivea face cream as my face tends to get dry around this time of year.

  • kimnhol

    My costa coffee loyalty card, for when my handbag pulls me inside costa for a festive latte.

  • matthew colburn

    cant leave home without my blistex lip balm in my man bag 🙂

  • Jan Beal

    Autumn essential? a pair of leather gloves! – I carry lip balm, hairbrush etc all year round but I can’t stand having cold hands.

  • highrising51

    L’Occitane cherry blossom hand cream, my hands age 100 years as soon as it gets cold, and this smells divine too 🙂

  • Christine Taylor

    My Autumn Essential is a tissue and lip balm duo x

  • Natalie Gillham

    tissues as I always get the sniffles from the cold

  • Lucy Gameson

    My pocket cat mirror which I bought in the Hermitage, St. Petersburg, it brings me luck! 🙂

  • Becks Jeffries

    My autumn essential is my emergency chocolate – in case of stress!

  • Lorna Grant

    Some Almonds as i have now given up chocolate in the run up to christmas

  • Rennene Hartland

    Has to be my secret bar of lindt in my bag

  • Donna T Howard

    Has to be a packet of Milk Bottle sweets!

  • Melody Mse

    My Autumn handbag essential is a handy pack of Kleenex Balsam tissues!

  • Chris Fletcher

    A packet of tissues sniff! #LuxeWin

  • c5ryl

    Has to be my face powder to stop shine!

  • Chris Fletcher

    Followed on twitter @Chrisbobfletch

  • DancerKaz

    Handcream – now that the weather is getting colder

  • williamgould

    Wife says it’s her Burts Bees Lip Balm!

  • David Read

    Not my thing, but for my girl, it’s the bling! She’s like a magpie with her Jewellery, for the ears, neck and wrist, now it’s getting Festive, with her Tiffany she can’t resist!

  • jackie johnston

    Ugg boots, no girl should ever be without them.

  • Sarah hargreaves

    Would have to be cute little hand Warmers great for bonfire night, and early in a morning after you have scraped all the frost off the car! Plus when the snow finally arrives (which is getting earlier each year) great to use after a snowball fight and there reusable I wouldn’t be without mine!

  • Ian Barnes

    My wife says… warm gloves is her autumn handbag essential

  • JoBryan

    A heart shaped note stuck to my purse from my husband who said “Whatever the weather you are my forever Buy that top or get something to eat You work so hard, have that treat! Its the nicest item I will ever carry. I found this in my latest bag after feeling a bit guilty about buying it.


    A ready stamped picture post card to send to friends to keep in touch.

  • Zoe Henson

    Vaseline … I mean, with Christmas around the corner who wants to be kissing chapped lips under the mistletoe ?? 🙂 <3 x

  • Diana

    It has to be lip balm – a life saver on these cold windy days.

  • Nicola

    I cannot go anywhere without my phone in my bag. It’s so useful and contains all my information.

  • Chloe Rose

    I cannot go anywhere without my IPhone and also at the moment my lip balm because of the horrible cold weather!

  • Sarah N

    My Autumn handbag essentials are a lip balm and a packet of tissues

  • Sarah guy

    Definitely my umbrella which folds up really small and my lip balm.

  • Isabell Whitenstall

    Tissues, you never know when the sneezes will get you

  • disqus_etOFOESMEE

    baby wipes and my purse

  • eoin collins

    My autum handbag essentials are lip balm, a good woolen hat and an extra pair of socks for when the temperature drops

  • louise

    lip salve, hand cream, umbrella and gloves

  • Charmaine

    Lip salve and warm gloves are my essentials

  • Helen Schofield

    I always have many items in my bag its just like the bag from the Mary Poppins movie! But in the Autumn I could not go out without Lip Balm, tissues and some gloves

  • Mo Hook

    My super duper coloured plastic rain hat to keep my hair dry in a sudden shower of cold Autumn rain

  • chumbelina

    Has to be photos of my grand-children, so I can flash them at any time!

  • Lynda Pace Avery

    My phone, is precious it has the photos of my family and my music and of course its a phone, lol

  • freethinker203

    Lip salve, Hand cream, Tissues, Brolly, Mobile

  • essexgirlSE

    lipsalve, phone with funky pink cover and combi hairbrush and mirror for those emergency touch ups

  • lindat4683

    in my handbag you would not believe
    what I carry around with me
    my bag is full of bits and bobs
    somewhere are my keys which I lose a lot
    a phone that everyone would hate
    a mascara that is past its date
    and paracetomal for headaches
    and a snack wrapper which I already ate

  • Georgie

    Vaseline, for lips with a sheen
    Mobile phone, with a strange tone
    A shiny torch to find the porch
    And shrivelled conkers, ‘cos my kids are bonkers!

  • Robert Price


  • Pauline Burroughs

    I never go anywhere without a pack of tissues – a must have



  • Moandkeef

    Lipstick – undressed without it,
    Baby wipes – don’t ask about it!
    And coffee mate – makes coffee taste just great.

  • Nicola Jayne Robinson

    Lippy, tissues, Vaseline, hand cream 🙂

  • Jennifer

    My passport – you never know when someone is going to offer you a spontaneous holiday!

  • Ellie powell

    a sonic screwdriver – for when the doctor loses his!

  • Ellie

    Autumn is a tricky season,
    and so it’s for this very reason
    I cannot leave my house without
    A lipbalm for that perfect pout
    I also have a good hand cream
    in case i meet the man of my dreams

  • denise connolly

    It would have to be a mirror to check out my “wind swept” look I usually have going on when the wind is howling. If I’m gonna rock the caught in a wind tunnel look, I wanna at least look like it was intentional lol!!!!. Yep had my hair styled today, its all the rage,, pulled through a hedge backwards in fact hold the mirror make that a bag for when there is nothing else to do lol!! 😉 xx

  • Kristy Leanne Brown

    My Autumn must have is lip balm, as who would want to snog dry cracked lips?

  • Sarah Steeples

    Rifling through my handbag I find an oven bulb, half a map of Colchester Zoo and a key for heaven knows what. But amid the detritus are the things that are my autumn handbag essentials: lip balm, for desiccated lips dried out by central heating and weather; camera phone, for instagramming lovely leafy autumny colours and wet wipes for when spit and a tissue just won’t do.

  • Mechelle Williamson

    raspberry flavour lip balm….

  • jalila djelassi

    2 things, vaseline to stop your lips gettin dry and tissues! i ant stand peopl who constantly sniff up when they have a cold, blow your nose people!!!! lol

  • C stewart

    My handbag essentials are Hand lotion for the colder months, and headphones

  • shopstop

    My handbag essentials? An umbrella,lip balm, woolly gloves, smartphone, house keys, credit card– and a few spare pounds for a hot chocolate!

  • Tony Weston

    My phone

  • lovelygrey

    A little tin of vaseline with aloe vera

  • Paul Aislabie

    lip balm

  • Frances Heaton

    My Autumn handbag essential is hand cream to stop my hands becoming too dry.

  • Frances Creed

    Burt’s bees lip balm,touché eclait for those autumn morning dark eyes,gloves and umbrella for the changeable British weather lol and my phone so I can keep up to date with all the gossip with my friends 🙂 x

  • Joanne Pooley

    got to be balm tissues and Hand mosturiser

  • anne baxter

    lip balm, I don’t want chapped lips..

  • Hannurdock

    An emergency chocolate bar!

  • Thegame100

    My Filofax- I’m the most disorganized person ever- so without my diary I would have no idea of what I’m doing during the day.

    It’s got everything in there- even if I’ve had my 8 cups of water, gym schedule(I do try but always forget)

    My shopping lists, my schedule, dates:) etc.

    It’s always in my bag and if it’s not in my bag it’s in my hand- my boyfriend has excused me of fancying my diary more than him- I’ve told him don’t be silly… but the more I think about it….

  • elaine white

    aqua cream (aka e45) great for hands, feet & face need the
    m all to look & feel good for Summer!

  • Florence Cross

    Burt Bees lip balm is my handbag essential for avoiding Autumn chapped lips.

  • Wanda

    Lip balm

  • san

    I carry a few gift cards in various denominations. If I’m unexpectedly given a Christmas gift I can reciprocate with it looking planned, and if I have any left over after Christmas I spend them in the sales.

  • Emily Hutchinson

    It has to be a simple pack of tissues! The cold weather can give you a runny nose and there’s nothing worse than not having a tissue to hand!

  • Cassandra Helena van der Tuuk

    It has to be my foldable umbrella. No matter how much time and effort you spend on your make up, hair and outfit, a downpour can ruin it al in seconds. And we all know those heavy autumn downpours all too well.. So I prepare for my day at home and rely on my trusty little umbrella to keep me looking my best during the day.

  • Sharon Arnott

    A good lip balm or my lips end up as dry as the leaves on the ground.

  • Lila B Taylor

    My emergency handbag essential is poobags believe it or not-I have 3 dogs and they have a tendency to poop at the most awkward times! Also poo bags are great for those banana peel/apple core emergencies!Ohhh The glamour 🙂

  • Helen

    Definitely a lip balm

  • Jessica Newman

    For me it has to be vaseline it is great for dry skin and my son’s eczema

  • Ros

    Lip Balm and perfume

  • Fiona Harris

    To brighten up my winter wardrobe palette of black and navy I like to invest in some sparkling jewels and a new bright lipstick. I have my eye on a gorgeous stacked necklace from J Crew and a burnt orange lipstick from Bobbi Brown, so would love to win this ipad mini so I can place my order and look stylish in the coming months!

  • suzannesendell

    A pair of rollasoles foe when my feet are hurting after a long day at work

  • Ceri Elinor Kay

    my autumn handbag essential is some rich face cream that can double up as hand cream, my skin seems to get so dry with the air con at work!

  • Ros Marshall

    Mine isn’t fancy, but I literally could not cope without my little pot of Carmex!! Nothing keeps my lips safe in the cold winds but this! x

  • Heather Carrigan

    My autumn essentials have to be a good lip balm and moisturiser to fight the chapped, cracking lips and dry skin. Need to fight back this cold and frosty weather and keep your skin healthy and glowing!

  • somekindofstyle

    Oh, what fabulous Competition/Giveaway! And love love your Site, as I’ve just found your little Gem! 😉

    Well, my Winter Handbag Essential goes like this:

    “Winter, Winter, oh Winter
    your cold weather cuts through the skin like a splinter.
    But we always are full of joys
    When Christmas time arrives full of presents & toys.
    And to be prepared for that every occasion
    I pack my handbag with a plum colored lipstick titled ‘Persuasion’.
    As well not to ever to forget to carry with me,
    a glamorous perfume, with an lovely scent is always the key.
    Now I’m fully prepared for the Holidays,
    wasn’t that a catchy phrase?”

    Ha, I just felt like getting a itsy bitsy creative as you mentioned.

    Hope you like my little Seasonal inspired Poem. Where I’ve hidden my favorite

    Handbag essential! Can you find them? ;o )

    Fingers crossed!

    xo Camilla

  • Zowee Moore

    Lipsy Leopard Print Umbrella – Small, Funky & Essential!!!

  • Rachael Donovan

    lip balm and my gloves x

  • Elizabeth Yeates

    Lip balm! Vaseline because it is cheap and the most effective against the cold!

  • Lynn Parry

    This cold weather really blows so i need tissues for my runny nose

  • Alisha Joseph

    Carmex lip balm and a pair of leather gloves

  • Olivia Kirby

    I generally always have a wee pot of Vaseline, cutesy mittens, a trashy novel, a mini torch in case of emergencies, dried apricots (to make sure I step away from the Mars bars!) and my camera as I love capturing the hues and moods of a British autumnal day.


    Lip balm is a must on these colder days!

  • Joanne Claire

    My autumn handbag essential is hand cream, so my hands are silky smooth and to stop my skin cracking in the cold! #LuxeWin

  • Anthea Holloway

    I always carry some little dog biscuits in my handbag so that when I meet any dogs I can give them a treat (with the owner’s permission of course).

  • Farhana

    My handbag essentials have changed a great deal since having a little one in tow! Along with a spare nappy and a pack of all important wipes are the following usually; my pencil eyeliner to to whip out and disguise my tired eyes, Spare glasses incase baby pokes my lens out, small pot of vaseline (more for babies entertainment!), my mittens, a pen or two, my phone (again its become more of an baby entertainment tool!) and some treats to keep those cries at bay.

  • HeeDeeHee

    Christmas is coming, so shimmer powder and glitter eyeshadow. And some big sunglasses: it might be Winter, but there’s all the more need to hide hungover eyes.

  • Keith Hunt

    Being a nurse my wife has a small first aid kit as she is always in the wrong place at the right time.

  • Lani Nash

    because of the weather: a good hand cream, some tissues and some nasal spray (yuck)

  • Melissa Manning

    My number one handbag essential for Autumn is Carmex lipbalm – what a saviour for chapped lips in this chilly weather! I don’t leave the house without it 🙂

  • Emma Hawkins

    My handbag essential for Autumn is Vaseline for chapped lips

  • Anita Roberts

    hand cream for dry hands

  • NaomiB

    Good old Nivea cream. Fab for face, hands, lips and elbows all the areas that i find suffer when the weather starts getting colder x

  • Guest

    L’OCCITANE Hand Cream, it’s amazing!

  • Jade Mulrooney

    Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Bath and Bodyworks sanitizing hand gel…smells like autumn!

  • secondtimemummy

    Old School Vaseline!

  • Clare Hill

    my favourite handbag essential is a scarf – specifically my 2013 autumn/winter zara scarf. Double sided so its acts like two pieces and so big it begs questions of “is it a scarf or is it a blanket?”

  • janine atkin

    lip balm in case I run into brad pitt. He wont want want to kiss me with chapped lips now will he! Also a pen, so we can swap numbers. And last but not least, a pack of tissues so I can wipe away the dribble as I wake up and face reality 🙂

  • MorganSpiked

    My handbag essential has to be Elizabeth Arden 8 hours cream, it’s great in winter for rubbing into cuticles, it tames frizzy hair, can be used as a lipbalm etc it is my no 1 hero product, following you on twitter as @LCaraher 🙂

  • acbaldy

    I can’t go anywhere without my Vaseline Lip therapy, especially as the days are now colder. Brrrrr. It comes in different flavours and really handy tins.

  • Sheri Darby

    My gloves – I hate cold hands

  • Kelandab

    An emergency mint! For that moment when I realise that I forgot to brush my teeth and I’m in close proximity to someone important…

  • msgchristiansen

    iPad mini of course !

  • jodie wren

    snap heated hand warmers!

  • maureen findley

    my handbag essential is bio oil. it calms irritated and dry skin and smooths fly away hair

  • kate andrews

    A gorgeous lipgloss, great for protect your lips against the cold, making your lips kissable, in an emergency it can be used to highlight the cheekbones, coat the eyelashes as a temporary mascara and even used as a pen to write down a number 😉

  • Maggie Coates

    When the cold weather starts, one essential thing in my handbag are my hot pants (no, they are not a fashion item that I have kept from the seventies), they are mini hand warmers that you click to heat up and they are in the shape of knickers! I have tweeted you a piccy @Pumpkin2k9

  • Amanda Jeffery

    My Vaseline lip therapy is a must this time of year…..getting those lips all puckered up for the miseltoe x

  • haxell

    Moisturiser – essential when the heating comes on and the wind gets colder.

    Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  • Samantha Ripley

    tissues as I always get a cold when the weather gets cooler @lillyfer85

  • Charlotte Hood

    Cannot live without my Neutrogena Norwegian Formula lip balm… my lips get so dry and horrible in this weather and this lip balm is the best I’ve come across!

  • Ddpunk

    My sat nav – my new job involves visiting families in the community… I’m constantly getting lost. Sat nav saves the day every time!

  • Jayne K

    The classic Vaseline Lip Therapy which, as well as being great for chapped lips, is a must-have for the dry and sore skin around my nose when I’ve got a cold and have to keep using tissues.

  • Ruth Hedges

    My Carmex lip balm which is great for chapped lips – crucial for the coming winter months! x

  • charbarcrazy

    Benefit bad gal mascara – I need it to make me look awake on this cold, dark mornings!

  • Louise

    My essential is my chella ivory lace highlighter crayon. I use it to highlight my cheekbones, under the arch of my eyebrows and line the inside of my lower eyelid to make my eyes appear bigger and more sparkly.

  • Liz Ferguson

    I’d like to win your handbag and entire contents .. very stylish.
    My handbag essential never changes through the seasons .. it has to be my iPhone!
    My work involves being on call 24/7, and a lot of hanging about in between times. So, my phone keeps me in touch, informed and entertained.
    An iPad mini would make for a perfect in-betweener, too.

  • Hannah Smith

    I love your handbag and all the things inside. It appears we have the same favourite autumn colour! So beautiful!

    My handbag essential for Autumn is a lip balm. The chilly winds and the warmer indoors can really play havoc with lips, and mine end up dry and chapped!

  • Nicola Holland

    Anti-bacterial gel – to try and keep the germs away!

  • Robyn Logan Clarke

    I’ve got some No7 Skin Illuminator Radiance Boosting Beauty Fluid in my bag, I’m 8 months pregnant and my skin isn’t glowing(like I’ve been promised it would!) So I fake it with some No7 Skin Illuminator Radiance Boosting Beauty Fluid, it looks really natural and healthy

  • Paula Rayner Was Flatley

    I always have a sparkly lip gloss because you never know when you may need to pucker up under the mistletoe,so it’s an handbag essential x

  • Alex.S

    Lip balm! Say no to lizard lips 😀

  • Gina Smith

    winter weather is bearable as long as you have sweeties in ya bag!

  • Natalie Henderson

    Has to be lip balm – my lips get so cracked! 🙁

  • Georgia McAllister

    Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me

  • Lacy Savage

    I always take a small pot of vaseline, perfect for taming eyebrows, dry lips and hands and even to tame a bit of frizz when its horrible and wet outside!

  • laura

    Macarons- you just never know when the opportunity arises for a sweet treat <3

  • Gwyn

    Lip Balm

  • leanne williams

    Lip balm! Say no to lizard lips 😀

  • Jane Biddle

    Lip balm, boring but true!

  • Alison Macdonald

    Wet wipes – have little ones and when you’re out and about with them and they need the toilet wet wipes are essential!! 😉

  • Nancy Bradford

    A pair of gloves followed closely by a brolly.

  • slstevo

    Stila convertible colour is my autumn handbag essential natural flushed colour on lips&cheeks

  • sharon mcguinness

    Believe it or not, it is tippex for when I have to change rotas in work.

  • Wendy Tolhurst

    My notepad to write down all the Christmas gift ideas I think of or see when out and about

  • Laura Vitty

    Probably my leather gloves for the brrrrrr cold

  • susanannoliver

    A packet of tissues for the kids runny noses x

  • Glenda Hanks

    A pot of vaseline lip therapy to keep lips moist whatever the weather.

  • Diane Jackson


  • Michaela Braisher

    an actual handbag would be a good start for me!!! I only have a manky old baby changing bag :'( …but my essential thing in there is baby wipes – great for the obvious plus for my face and mopping up any spillages etc

  • Charlotte Summers

    lip balm

  • Jeremy Andrews

    A Shark with a Laser beam on its head… and some Lip Balm. #LuxeWin

  • katglynn2

    I’m loving my messenger bag at the moment, so i can keep my cold hands in my pockets 🙂 x

  • susan crouch

    My granddaughters Inhaler, always in my handbag

  • Shazia khan

    I have 3 young kids and its can get chaotic when we are out, so the most important thing i have in my handbag is box of raisins. I pull em out when kids start moaning about how dark n cold it is. Makes our journeys more pleasant 🙂

  • DinkyPrincessa

    Definitely my phone, I am a Twitter addict so I have to be able to find out what’s going on x

  • Kirsty Woods

    Lip balm

  • Little CJ

    Hand warmers! 🙂

  • Angela Williams

    my gloves

  • Stacey Craig

    Lip balm I always have chapped lips in winter and tissues for the kids.

  • Gemma Blake

    Unfortunately in the last few months I have reached the age whereby I need glasses to read small print… so as much as I would like to say some beautiful luxurious frivolous items are my essentials, I am going to have to go with my reading glasses. (although naturally I made sure they are beautiful and luxurious too!)

  • Gemma Chantler

    My autumn handbag essential is Nivea Creme. I have been suffering with dry, chapped skin on my hands and cheeks and this is a lifesaver!

  • snarepuss

    I had had a clear out of my bag but the one important item that I needed was my pen that I had taken out! I was at a client meeting and had to borrow one. I now have 3 in there – just in case 🙂

  • Tricia Cowell

    Lip balm is a must for me, to keep my lips soft

  • Pirate Horse


  • snarepuss

    I have tweeted @snarepuss

  • Sam Birkinshaw

    Elizabeth Arden Eight-Hour cream which I use as lipbalm, handcream and any kind of dry skin soother.

  • jackie lyon

    Always need a little pack of hankies

  • matthew fuller

    As a chap can I say that I like to have cream/moisturizer in my pocket for a chap’s chapped Christmas carrying chums (hands) and sometimes for my face..makes me feel better!

  • Geoff Hibbert

    Lip balm for chapped lips – only get those in the winter months.

  • Daniel Stacey

    Lip balm

  • yasmine041

    hat and gloves

  • shirleyharpley

    A lovely autumnal shade lipstick, to help me not looked washed out and also keep my lips moist in the cold winter winds.

  • Glen


  • Elaine Shaw

    Paper hankies

  • Elle Rudram

    gotta be my lippy

  • Lucy Robinson

    My invisible iPad Mini which is soon to become a reality…

  • Kayleigh


  • Denise Bullen Jones

    Don’t venture anywhere without my red lippy! MINI-mal effort – maximum effect!

  • Laura Franks

    It has to be flavoured lip balm (preferably Berts Bees) some tissues with balm on them (softer for my nose) and a picture of an ipad mini taped on the back of my crappy tablet, just to torment me along with my crappy old mobile and taped on the back of it a picture of an iphone again to torment me (I know it sounds sad and I guess it is) my swiss army knife (you just never know, do you?) and finally some chocolate money (if you have to ask why there is no hope for you!)

  • Jodie Harvey

    mine has to be lipbalm, touchscreen gloves and handcream!
    lipbalm to stop my poor lips from suffering too badly from the cold, touchscreen gloves so i dont have to keep taking gloves on and off to answer the phone, and handcream as if you have to constantly push a pram around, even with gloves on the cold dries them out and they end up cracking and sore. so those are the 3 essential things i carry in my bag 🙂

  • Auckers Legrand

    a tiny LED torch not only helps me find everything else in my handbag on a dark winters night out, but also is a godsend for unlocking the car door, and my front door once I eventually get home (assuming I can find the keys)

  • daydreamer

    One gardening glove – for collecting those prickly horse chestnuts!

  • Ann

    Currently, its my Kate Spade happy pink purse, Rituals ginger and white tea travel perfume, Moleskine notebook and pen and my Chanel lipstick! I’m hugely jealous of your Stella ipad case, it is *gorgeous*!! Ann x

  • Kelly Dove

    all year round my handbag consists of poo bags, dog treats, a mirror, purse, work keys, pen and a diary. But throughout this time of year extras sneak in there such as tissues for me and the dog (he slobbers a lot!), lip-gloss/lip barm to make sure i dont get chapped lips and an extra pair of glove (you never know if you’ll put a hole in the ones you are wearing or loose them!)

  • niccola taylor

    Lip balm is my must have. Being single I want to keep my lips in top condition and with a bit of luck I might get some kisses from a handsome hunk under the mistletoe this christmas.

  • Pinksock

    My Autumn essential has to be sp25 face cream to protect my face from all weather conditions.I also carry a soft linen hanky(delicate nose) Almonds to stop the blood sugar dip.fingerless gloves so I can text and lemsips just in case……

  • Marian Santander Santander

    Hands cream. I kniw is silly but I quiet like have soft hands ;).

  • Donna Haskett

    Has to be lip balm, the cold weather is always making my lips go dry plus you never know when you might get a cheeky snog 🙂

  • Jim Dempsey


  • CatAdams

    A picture of me when I had lost 8 stone and a picture of my son as it reminds me why I lost it …to stay healthy to be around for him.

  • Becky Shorting

    My carex lipcare, Nothing worse then dry cracked lips ouch!

  • Cristina McDowall

    Hermes scarf – against the weather, as an accessory, even an emergency sling!

  • diva1977

    chapstick nothing worse that dry , flaky lips

  • Susan Pringle

    Tissues and hand gel!

  • Chelsey Wood

    tissues and a pack of make-up wipes

  • Angela Morgan

    Lip balm and hand cream

  • Phil Traynor

    Some tic tacs and a handkerchief.

  • Patrick Kamau

    Moisturising hand Lotion, necessary to keep the skinsoft in the cold weather

  • Pete Belcher

    Lip balm

  • Kayleigh Bear Tumber

    Touch screen gloves! No one likes cold hands, and no one likes to reply to a text or answer the phone with having to take their gloves off.

  • Warren Richens

    A mousetrap to stop any pilfering haha

  • anncarline


  • Daphne

    Lip balm and mistletoe, a girl has to be ready for anything

  • sandy henry

    wee tub nivea creme for face, lips and hands

  • Carla Whittaker

    My handbag essential is Monopoly money because I never have any of the real thing.

  • Sophia Payne

    Lip balm is my essential,
    It stops the flaky skin.
    It helps me smile all winter long,
    And makes for smooth kissing!

  • Tinselgirl

    a lip balm is my essential for bitterly cold weather.

  • Tracey Spencer

    A lip balm

  • Jacqueline Roberts

    A small pot of foundation mixed with moisturizer to combat that ruddy winter complexion

  • Si Sparkle Jackson

    i get some moisturiser and pour that and some blusher powder into a travel pot with a pump lid and mix it up so i can keep moisturised and have a nice warm glow AND it fits perfectly in my handbag!

  • Siobhan Scott

    Lip balm is a must and warm gloves

  • Helen Spillett

    it will be lip balm, tissues and a a packet of mints….always prepared for those mistletoe kisses!!

  • Beth Crunden

    Intensive Hand cream. ALWAYS. My hands are in bits at this time of year.x

  • Lyndsey Beckford

    i need to have some tissues (preferably in pretty packaging!) in case of sniffles and some lip gloss to combat those dry lips!

  • samanthapsharpe

    Vaseline for lips! and hand cream!

  • Brenda Ingram

    a Postcard with a picture of the sun on it to lift the spirits in Winter

  • gareth bennett

    not in a handbag but tissues in my rucksack

  • Chris Williams

    lip moisturiser and sunglasses. I’m always hoping we will still get some sun through Winter

  • Donna Towner

    Lip Balm, I always have 5 or 6 different types (tinted, shea butter, normal) as my lips get so sore in this weather

  • Susan C

    My autumn essential is a pack of tissues

  • Jo Booth

    Mine is Nivea Creme. All this going from houses with central heating, to cold outdoors, to air conditioning back outdoors and then returning to a cosy centrally heated house plays havoc with my body it doesn’t know whether it is hot or cold! This, combined with wrapping hands and face up in scarves and gloves does so much damage to my skin. So, during the day I pop a bit on my hands, neck and face during the day to try to restore some of the lost moisture. Definitely my “Handbag Essential” as Summer moves into Autumn and onto Winter. And, the biggest bonus being a little pot of Nivea doesn’t take up much room in my handbag 🙂

  • hannahlw85

    Tissues without doubt, cold weather makes my nose run, plus hand gel so I can avoid bugs as best I can

  • Helen S

    My Autumn handbag essential is my a little round pot of vaseline, great to keep lips kissable.

  • James Dunn

    Hand cream! The cold gives me super dry hands.

  • Zoe Anyon

    I need Vaseline for my dry lips and nose!

  • Deborah Hambleton

    It’s got to be 8-hour cream. I discovered it only recently and wouldnt be without it – I use it to soften lips, rub on chapped hands, tame flyaway hairs and even my boyfriend pinches it for his lips, which is nice cos it keeps him kissable 🙂

  • Ruth Wollerton

    It would be a very special photo of my three boys, unfortunately my eldest died from an asthma attack in 2007 so it has special sentiment value. I take it everywhere with me.

  • dena

    I can’t go anywhere without my Blistex for my sore lips

  • baddesley

    Not mine, but my daughters essential is a decent hairbrush (next to keys etc., obviously!). No, i do NOT have a handbag!

  • Jessica Slater

    lip balm

  • Sharon Bell

    My foldy up hairbrush, this time of year you quite often need a hot so need a brush to sort out the mess the hat leaves behind! x

  • Erica Field

    Lip balm xxxxx

  • Jenny Newby

    I always carry Dr.Hauschka Lip Balm in my bag, as the weather turns colder it tends to make my lips dry & cracked. Love this balm, never leave the house without it ! Fantastic stuff

  • Nina House

    Cashmere, cashmere, cashmere ♥ x

  • Katherine Norris

    Small and simple: Carmex lip balm to protect my lips from the harsh weather!

  • h_igoe

    My autumn handbag essential is dark pink leather gloves – as the colour warms me up and makes me feel vibrant on colder, darker days. The leather is perfect for keeping my hands warm but I can still drive and use my hands when I am wearing them, and finally because they are the perfect fashion accessory!

  • Emily Smith

    My handbag is extra large. :0)
    Sunglasses, pack of tissues, lip balm, mascara, mirror, 2 x soother, 3 nappies, sudocrem, lip balm, dribble bib, muslin cloth, wallet, perfume and nail file.
    I would love to win x


    A good hand cream as mine get so cracked in the wind

  • Yvette Duignan

    A small tin of Vaseline. Great for keeping lips soft and smooth in time for ‘mistletoe’ season : )

  • Rochelle Lear

    Vaseline – for hands, lips and when my nose is sore from having a cold!

  • pakua .

    condoms, safe man here

  • Jennifer Baker

    Vasaline Lip care… Cant go anywhere without it x

  • Karen Read

    Hand cream!

  • Big Al Kidd


  • Abby Shaw

    My keys, phone, purse, lip balm, perfume, hand cream, hand wash gel, a plaster, paracetamol and a compact mirror.

  • Guest

    …but my essential of those in autumn is my lip balm because I miss it the most when I need it!

  • Abby Shaw

    My keys, phone, purse, lip balm, perfume, hand cream, hand wash gel, a plaster, paracetamol and a compact mirror. My essential item out of those in autumn is my lip balm because I miss it the most when I need it!

  • Linda Watson

    My mad pink lip gloss

  • Christina Curtis

    Lip Balm! With the sudden change in temperature and the cold blowy winds my lips always seem to break and crack. They battle threw the cold winds and rain and it drys them out so Lip Balm is defiantly my essential! #LuxeWin

  • yasmine

    the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream multi purpase comes handy as it can be used for so many things

  • R Aziz

    A pair of gloves.

  • Kathryn Casbolt

    Christmas shopping list – in the hope that I can cross off an item or two!

  • Tam payne


  • sarah gray

    lip balm. noone wants flaky dry lips when they are trying to look a- natural jumping through leaves, and b- glamour-puss on a night out!! x

  • Diane Wood

    Lip cream for my kisser,
    To keep it moist – and glow,
    Cos hunks, I don’t want to miss-a
    Waiting under the mistletoe

  • Ellie S

    I always wrap up warm when the temperature dips,
    But the harsh winter weather always gives me chapped lips,
    The effects of the cold can be ever such a drag,
    That’s why I carry lip balm inside my handbag,
    Soft, smooth lips are always preferential,
    And so a dinky pot of lip balm, is my winter essential!

  • champaklal lad

    being male I do not carry a handbag – plastic cards in my wallet

  • R H

    Lipstick and Lipsalve, and a de-icer

  • Jayne

    Flavoured chapstick & small tube of handcream – cold & wind bites & is very drying

  • Peter Ck

    Vaseline lip balm


    Nivea lip balm & L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

  • Bettina Lenzelbauer

    my L’occitane shea butter handcreme couldn’t live without it !

  • christy sky

    Lush’s Lemony Flutter Cream. Hands down a life changing product! And it smells like lemons!

  • Bethany Crook

    Burt Bee’s Beeswax Lip Balm. It’s super effective, has a gorgeous scent, is perfect for sensitive skin, is all natural and also comes in different tints and shades. Just what a girl needs in these chillier seasons!