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What’s in my suitcase…Marrakech

Inside my luggage

I am off on my travels to Marrakech to celebrate the big three – zero and thought I would give you a quick peek into my packing and travel essentials.

I have been to Marrakech once before so know what to expect to some extent, however my packing conundrum is coming in the form of the massively changeable weather….veering from 23 degrees in the day to around 2 degrees in the evening.

I am not known for packing light, however I am trying my best on this occasion by sticking to a capsule wardrobe with a few key accessories to change it up.

Travel Luggage

Louis Vuitton Speedy – In my opinion this is an absolute classic and the perfect travel bag. I have had this bag for some years and don’t use it as often anymore as I find it a little small for every day, however for hand luggage it is ideal. It is extremely light weight and it can also be completely flattened, so if like me you end up bringing home a lot more than you took, it can be made flat and packed undamaged in your suitcase.

Unfortunately over the years this bag and its iconic print have been replicated by counterfeiters around the world (often being sold in popular holiday destinations), however there are few that are done well, and so for now this bag still holds the same prestige that it did on the day I bought it and makes an ultra-chic travel accessory.

Tip: one of the easy ways to identify a fake LV is the colour of the leather handles and trims. An authentic Louis Vuitton has leather that will be very pale on purchase and will get gradually darker as the leather begins to tan. Many of the counterfeit Louis Vuittons will have trims and handles that are a very creamy shade and with a uniform finish, which would not occur with a genuine product where the leather was tanned.

Berlitz French Phrasebook – Although many people speak English in Morocco I feel it is only polite to attempt to speak the language, so will be using this phrasebook to try and get us around in as little ‘Idiots abroad’ fashion as possible.

Benjamin Sunglasses – Again these are another travel essential. Their oversized shape and tortoiseshell finish make these classic shades a chic travel companion.

Anya Hindmarch Purse – I am a huge fan of Anya Hindmarch’s classics and was delighted to be given this as a gift a couple of years ago. It is a great size for notes and coins and I find it particularly useful to store receipts if you are away on business travel. The elegant design and oversize shape also means you can easily carry it as a standalone accessory.

Jimmy Choo Lance Sandals – These are my wardrobe staple as they go with absolutely everything, so I am planning on wearing them during the evenings of the trip. I chose this nude patent version to go with a particular dress in the summer, however they are available in a number of different colours and finishes.

Travel accessories

Boden Breton Top – The ultimate ‘easy’ wardrobe piece as it can be worn casually with jeans, under tunic dresses or dressed up with jewellery for a more polished look.

JCrew Marble Necklace – These gobstopper sized jewels give a girly yet glamorous finish to any outfit. I plan to add these to one of my trademark black outfits for an evening edge.

Stella McCartney Clutch – A classic black linen fold over clutch made interesting with a trim of silver baubles. Unlike so many evening clutches, this bag can fit a multitude of things inside and easily carries my phone, purse, make-up and camera, ready for some fun holiday nights.

Sun protection

Clarins Sun Protection – I’m thinking positively with the need for some sun protection, however being fair skinned I have been caught out on a few occasion sightseeing and have vowed to be more prepared moving forward!

My skin is very sensitive to sun creams and I suffer badly with prickly heat, so need to use sun protection that is a cream formula and does not contain mineral oil, which is something quite hard to find on the market.

Clarins Suncare is renowned for its quality and largely chemical free ingredients. My particular selection contains extracts of olive, pea and aloe, which have soothing properties and due to their different needs; I am packing both a factor 20 for the body and a face specific formulation in factor 15.

Institut Esthederm Bronz Repair Anti-ride Soleil Doux– this is likely to be the product I end up using due to its low protection factor, ideal for everyday and low sun exposure.. It is formulated specifically for the face, so is more lightweight and doesn’t clog my pores as many sunscreens do. Designed to prevent wrinkles from tanning, I feel this is the ideal product as I enter my 30’s!

Next Fluro Paisley Scarf – Neon is one of my favourite trends of the season and is perfect for a holiday to sunnier climates. This lightweight cotton scarf adds an instant hit of vibrance to my uniform of dark colours and will dress up a more relaxed outfit.

Stay tuned for updates from my trip on Instagram and twitter and see how my ‘capsule’ wardrobe is working out for me!

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